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After much fighting, wailing and gnashing of teeth I'm pleased to say we've finally got the old chatroom (the one we had before the upgrade) back! I'm assuming (or at least hoping - please let me know if it's not! unsure.png ) this will be welcomed by our members as it has significantly increased functionality over the IP Chatroom we have had for the past few months.

The IP Chatroom has been disabled, along with the 'Pages' and 'Downloads' tabs as they are not currently in use, to try and shorten the list of tabs we have at the top of the page. I am currently working on trying to re-order the tabs along the top of the page to get the more frequently used parts of the site further over to the left to make them more visible.

If you have any technical problems accessing the chatroom, please contact a member of Staff or post in Web Support smile.png

As always, if you have any thoughts on this, please let me or any other member of Staff know.


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