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Stuck Sneeze...


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So I've been having the feeling I need to sneeze all week. It'll go on, and I'll squint up at the light and just when I think I'm going to sneeze, I false start and stop, or the feeling will just go away. I would give anything at this point to just sneeze and get it over with, but it doesn't appear to be happening and I don't know what to do.

I've tried inducing it out- I attempted to use the feather method, the vibrating massager method (technically I used a facewashing thing but it had the same amount of vibration to it), and the Q-tip method and none of these worked for me. There were a few different methods I found on Google but I have no clue if they'll work...

Anyone got any tips? I really need this to get out before I go nuts.

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I know this sounds weird or even gross but pulling a nose hair always helps me sneeze when I cant quite get it out. Good luck :)

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Pepper? Don't snort it, but shake the container and just lightly sniff the "pepper dust." That can sometimes get me a sneeze.

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When I feel a sneeze coming on, and starts to slow down, I lick the roof of my mouth and scrunch up my nose and it comes out. I originally read it online somewhere.

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