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easter sneezes!


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so i went to my boyfriend's house for easter. after lunch, while dinner was cooking, everybody was starting to fall asleep, so we left and went took a walk and went to the elementary school by his house. we fooled around a little bit, if you know what i mean. ;) afterward, i was laying on his chest, and i felt him breathe in, and all of a sudden he sneezed! he always sneezes stifles. he's tall and handsome with red hair, by the way. anyway, so he sneezed, and i felt the whole thing. it was awesome. we both giggled and i was like bless you! and he was like thank you. afterward, we started walking back to his house, and i was walking behind him, and i saw him tilting his head back, and i was thinking to myself, what is he doing? so i walked up in front of him and saw a pre-sneeze face! it was so adorable. it teased him for a little bit, and then he actually let the sneeze out and didn't stifle it! it sounded really cute, kinda like HAAICSHU! he sneezed on me though. yucky.gif oh well, he's adorable, so who cares! i yelled at him for sneezing on me, and he just laughed and said that he only let it out so he could do that and bug me. he was sniffling the whole way back, and i was like what's wrong with you? why are you so sniffly? and you know what he said? he said i think i have allergies! that was just about the cutest thing ever. he's never had allergies before though, so it was strange. once we got back to his house, he was still sniffling, and then we started watching tv. his whole family was sitting with us, and he sneezed a giant stifle. his whole family was like BLESS YOU! and then he asked his mom if he had allergies. his mom was like no, why? and he said well i haven't been able to stop sneezing after we went outside! it was awesome. after that, most of his family left to go to the store, and it was just him, me, and his mom home. he was sitting in the living room on the computer, and i was helping his mom make dinner. i heard him sneeze twice, and i blessed him from the kitchen on the second one. his stifles are so cute! they are a little bit vocal, and he always lets out a breath afterward. after he sneezed, he came into the kitchen and blew his nose twice. after dinner, when he was driving me home, he sneezed two stifles again. it was absolutely magical, i've never gotten more then 4 sneezes from him in a day, and i got 7. it was amazing!

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