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Weekend BF sneezes


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Hi all,

So, this past weekend I spent with my boyfriend. I wrote a previous obs about him a month or so ago? Anyways just as a quick recap he is tall dark and handsome and has an extremley sensitive nose! There were so many obs this weekend so I am going to try and get the ones that stood out the most.

So we were leaving my dorm room to go get gas for his car. He had just gotten out of the shower mind you. As we approach his car, i hear is desperate inhale and lets out a huge wet sneeze. something like aessshooo! Two seconds later comes another and then another (same sounding!)..then he sneezes two more quiet and not as wet. WHENEVER his noes runs, I know sooner or later a sneeze is upon us.

Another obs from this weekend is when we were staying at my hosue for Easter. My house is rather cold on account that we dont mind the cold air here and there. Well, my bf always gets sniffly, sneezy, and stuffed when he is at my house because he is not used to living in such cold surroundings. While we were coloring easter eggs, I happen to gaze up and see his adorable pre sneeze face and then a loud achooo...Hanging out with a bunch of friends downstairs, I got two wet sneezes from him back to back. While snuggiling in bed, I had my head on his chest. I started to feel is chest deeply contract and let out 3 sneezes. One loud and audible and the other two kind of quiet stifles.

So ya, kind of vague I kno, but was hard trying to remeber all the details! Since warm weather is upon us, i suspect that there will be plenty more obs to come. Hope you guys like!

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