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sick guy on the phome


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I was at work yesterday, when one of our regular customers, a good looking guy in his early twenties called in to sign up for an event we're having in a few weeks. It was immediately obvious that he was terribly congested and he was sniffling quite a bit. The best part of the call came when he sneezed really loudly into the phone "HHahhhhhhhAhhhhhhhSchew!" then blew his nose and coughed heavily. I was alone in my office, and no one could see me blushing furiously, so I blessed him. Then, emboldened by the fact that I was alone and no one could overhear, I said "That doesn't sound good," to which he replied, "I hab influenza, id's biserable"in his adorable, congested voice. We finished up our business and got off the phone, but it certainly made my day!

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this sounds fantastic. on the phone = no germs and all the <squee> at the same time!


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I was blushing furiously just reading this! Congrats on holding it together and being brave enough to say something. :)

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