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Hi! I'm new:)


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Hello! I've been reading this forum for quite some time and I realized that I have a caretaking fetish...this is the first time I've ever admitted it! I always thought I was the only one who was into this type of thing and I always made up stories in my head about caretaking and people when they are sick and yeahh..... it feels weird talking about it now:p Well anyway, I'm happy to be here and to know I am not alone:)

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Welcome to the forum :) It's nice to know you're not alone isn't it?

Good name - chocolate ftw!

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Welcome! I've noticed in my journeys through fanfic land that even if sneezing isn't your thing specifically, there seems to be a HUGE demographic out there for caretaking and hurt/comfort. Good stuff.

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LOL, retro, I love you.

Welcome! We're glad to have you. :D It's such a relief to find out that you're not alone in the things you feel. While I'm mainly into the sneezing, I love when it's coupled with caretaking and h/c too. ^_^ Like Garnet said there's a crap ton of stuff out there that you'll probably enjoy.

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Welcome to the forum - you're definitely not alone! :) A lot of us (including yours truly :P) very much enjoy caretaking as well as sneezing (or instead of, if that's your thing!). It's great to have you here and I hope you enjoy yourself :)

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Welcome! I'm new too, and I'm glad you found you're not alone. I used to do that exact same thing, making up stories about caretaking in my head (then I started actually writing them, even if I wouldn't show them to people), so I definitely know how you feel. I thought I was just weird until I found this forum. Enjoy the forum! :D

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