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Unless someone like me writes a whole awful lot, this site isn't going to get many Once-ler sneezefics. It's not.


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He stood alone in the rain, wet hair plastered to his face. Alone. He would always be alone now. Not that it was anyone's fault but his own, though. He had destroyed everything. Everyone was gone because of him. He hardly cared that he was soaking wet.

"Because of me..." The Once-ler croaked, his underused voice was becoming raspier, he noticed. "All of it.... Because of me..." The words burned his already sore throat, and the vibrations sent a sharp tickle to through his nose. He could feel it building slowly, and purely out of habit reached for the green and black striped handkerchief in his breast pocket, holding it to his nose, and sneezing wetly into it. "HehhTis'shiEW! IiihstSsSHiew!" Immediately following the sneezes he was taken over by a coughing fit that lasted a few moments. "Damn cold..." He muttered to himself, wiping at his sniffly snub of a nose with the handkerchief.

He wasn't sure exactly how he had gotten sick. After all, there was nobody here to catch anything from. Maybe it was just another part of his cruel punishment. 'The punishment that was fully deserved', he reminded himself.

He sniffed again, realizing the tickle was still there, slowly moving further back. His nose twitched at it's own accord as his breaths began to hitch. The handkerchief was placed back near his face, waiting to catch the sneeze, whenever it may come. "Ihhh.... H-hheh.... Gr--hhh great.... Stuuhhh.... stuck....." He could feel it there, waiting. Playing with him. "H-huhh....." Tears began to form in the corners of his eyes. His chest rose and feel rapidly with each ticklish breath....

And just like that it was gone.

He sniffed several times, then wearily blew his nose into his handkerchief with a muttered, "Ugh..." Before pitching forward with a loud, desperate, and rather wet, "IiI'AaaSHHIEEW! HhhITSChSHhEW! Hehh-HhiiTsSHIEW!" He groaned between sniffles and decided that maybe standing outside in the rain when he was already sick wasn't the best idea. He tucked his handkerchief away and walked inside, a shivering sniffly mess.

He was soaking wet and freezing, but he didn't care. The first thing he did was walk up the stairs to his room, and practically collapsed onto his bed, still shivering. He pulled the blankets over himself in a desperate attempt to get warm again as he laid on his back. His nose tickled again, and he didn't even bother to reach for his handkerchief. He just let the sneeze go straight up, not having the energy or the will to stifle, or muffle it. "IitaShhiEW! HaisHHiiEEW!" He rubbed his nose on the blanket tiredly and yawned, followed by a sniffle. His eyes burned and began to close as he thought about how disgusting he was right now. How pitifully disgusting.

He hated this..

He hated being sick.

He hated alone.

He hated himself.

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Your writing is golden

Your motives are true

Keep going, because I love it~

...hnnng.. so cuuuuute~

xDDDDDDDD. Seriously, I could read Onceler stuff for HOURS~.. I would love to see this continue <3

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I'm so glad you put this on the forum! It's so flipping cute! ;A; Ahaaa, I know I've gushed this to you plenty, but it's insane how much I love this. Ohooo, the hanky! The hanky kills me every time! And his sweet little rain sneezes~<3

I love you so bad, giiiiiiirl~<3

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Eeeee~ That you for the feedback~

Err, I sorta had a different idea planned for this, but..... Oh well, this part's pretty good too. ^^

I've never written anything induced before this, so... Hold on tight.

Here be-ith part 2~!


Boredom was inevitable.

He was alone.

He was sick.

He was tired.

He couldn't sleep, despite how tired he felt. The constant need to sniffle or sneeze kept him from any hope of sleep.

So there he lay in his bed, nose running like a faucet. He took a deep breath in. At least his nose wasn't stuffed up. He may've been sniffly, but at least he could breathe. Although whenever he did, he could feel the tickle. It seemed to never leave him alone for a moment.

It felt as if there was a feather stroking the inside of his left nostril. The tickle slowly began to build tortuously, causing his breath to begin hitching once more. "Hihh... Ihhh....." It was then that The Once-ler got an idea. Something to possibly ease his boredom.

"Juuhhhhst gotta h-hold--hih! H-old it... B-back..."

He would see just how long he could hold off his sneezes until they took over. Which, by the way his nose twitched and tingled, wouldn't take very long. "Hhhh...... hihhh...." His chest rose and fell rapidly with each tortuously tickly breath. His nose begged for release, tears began to form in the corners of his eyes.

"HhhiTssSCHhiEW!" His head snapped forward with the force of the sneeze. He sniffled, rubbing a gloved finger under his nose. He felt the tickle there still.... But no matter how many times he tried to inhale, all it did was tickle. He rubbed at his nose furiously, but that did nothing to help stop the tickling.

This would need some coaxing out.

As much as he hated moving, he had to do something to stop this tickling, and the boredom. He sat up in his bed, his wet clothing still heavy.

'But what can I use?...'

It was then that he remembered the pepper he had downstairs. That would surely cure both his boredom, and his nasal issue.

So he started downstairs and searched through his cabinets for a few moments before finding the smallish pepper shaker. He laughed a bit at the thought of what he was about to do. He'd never experimented like this before. Of course, he had never truly experienced this lever of boredom before.

'Maybe I'm going crazy?' He thought to himself as he took the top off of the small container. He definitely did not expect the cloud of pepper to come his way. It swirled right under his nose and he inhaled. "Ihh... Ih-it's wor- Hih!- w-working.....Hihh... HhhitsSccHiEW! HaIiSchh'OO! IihitSsCHEIW!"

He rubbed his nose, breath hitching dangerously. When he had sneezed he had unfortunately caused a cloud of pepper to float into the air. As if the pollution in the air wasn't bad enough for Once-ler's poor nose.

"Hiihh... HeeAtCHIEW! Ah-atcHsH'OO! Ihh... Ihk'ssHhSHIEEW!"

By this point tears were rolling down his cheeks as his lungs fought to get a normal breath in, but the tickling in his peppered nose wouldn't allow it, and the sneezing continued on.

" IYyaASHIEW! HaatShIEW! IiihTscch'EEEW!....Ugh.."

He wiped his eyes quickly, then scrubbed furiously at his nose. At least it had worked; the tickle was now absent. And he was able to forget about being bored for a while.

As he began the walk back to his room to crawl back under his blankets, he thought.

His boredom may've been forgotten for a short amount of time...

But he was still tired,

he was still sick,

and he was still alone.

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THE INDUCING~.. THE INDUCING~.. please, more xDD.. That was AWESOME.. Love the tortureous build-ups~ >:3...

Looking forward for another installment, SHL~ :DDD

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