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Catching a cold?


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If any of you read my self obs in the adult forum...this is what it led to.

Yesterday my nose was a little runny. I blew it a few times, but didn't think much of it. But last night I slept badly, tossing and turning, unable to breathe through my nose.

I've had, not an actual headache, but the beginnings of a headache, all day. My nose has been running, and not exactly itchy...more like it's burning inside. I'm blowing my nose every 20 minutes and still have post nasal drip >.< No matter how much I blow, I still can't breathe through my nose.

The disappointing part is, I'm not sneezy sadsmiley.gif Since that fit in the shower, I've only sneezed once, earlier tonight when I went to blow my nose, I had to stop and catch a breathy sneeze in the tissues first, "Heh CHSHHHew!"

Here's hoping more sneezes will be forthcoming :\

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Well I've had two more sneezes since that post...a double that I caught hastily in tissues, "Hah-ISSHHew, ISHHeww!!" Then I had to blow my nose again. My nostrils are starting to get chapped and pink

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Candy, thanks for posting...sounds great, but still hate for you to feel bad being sick. Hope you'll keep us all posted as this develops...here's hoping for lots of sneezes to report, and a cold that doesn't make you feel too badly. Take care of yourself...bless you in advance!!!happy.png

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Thanks for all the well-wishes, guys.

I've been sneezing a bit more the past couple days...not as much as I'd like, but hey...that'd be a tall order anyway. Mostly it's been singles and doubles that have me scrabling for tissues because they're strong and messy, or turning hastily into my elbow if there isn't enough time to grab a tissue. Fortunately when I'm sick I get cold, so long sleeves :P

My nose is SO sore, I've been blowing constantly!

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Bless you dear....get out the tissues and the chicken soup. Hope you feel better, but hope you'll also keep us posted. Take care.

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bless you candy, i find using hankies actually doesnt leave my nose sore and pink, you should try them. hope you get better soon.

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