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I have no idea why but for some reason during the past week my nose has been really tickling and of course it doesn't lead to a sneeze (most of the time) so I try to ignore it but the tickle just kept coming back stronger and stronger so I started inducing with a piece of grass and I sneezed a couple times! The Inducing works for some reason now! :D

Also like an hour ago (around 10am) I was cooking up some ground turkey meat and my nose started tickling, I thought it wouldn't lead to anything so I ignored it, like a second later it came back and I quickly had to turn from the food and sneezed into my shoulder. I hardly ever sneeze and lately I've been sneezing at least once (without inducing) like every day. :)

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Bless you...things change as we go through life. Maybe you're entering into a "sneezy" stage...the rest of us probably hope so. A sneeze a day makes the sneeze fetishists

stay!.smile.png Keep posting...love to hear about these, and bless you again. Thanks.

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