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Hello! I've been doing a lot for you guys, be grateful. XD

I'm kidding. Anyways. I love MMD (MikuMikuDance), I love the models I can get, I love animating... So, here's a quick little project of mine. Really simple.

Unfortunately, I have no clue how to embed videos here. ;w;

Also, for those who want it, here's the motion data! It should work with every model, I hope. There was a bit of hoo-haa about me using the DIVA model to make it, 'cause the bones are called something else on that model. But I've fixed it, and the motion data is compatible now. Those who are very knowledgeable about model names will notice I used the England model by Kanaha. XD

Here's the motion data, should people want it~


If there's any problems with it, do tell me. :D

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Aww, very cute!

I'm only somewhat familiar with Miku, but this is adorable! I've seen a lot of other people try to make sneezing animations with her, but this is easily the best one so far. Her face is so cute! Thanks for making this!

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Very cute! :D

I'll download the motion data as soon as I'm home from rehearsal because I can't seem to work MMD from my phone...

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This made me smile so much when I saw this! ^^ Thank you for spending the time to work on this animation!!! Animating something is way harder than one might think, and doing it right is even harder. This was a great animation! :D :D

I really like how that girl looks :). I'm not too familiar with Miku, but I know who she is and what she does. I really like how you did the sneeze too!

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