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So about two weeks ago, my best friend introduced me to One Direction....sadly, I'm obsessed. I've been trying and trying to write a Louis fic, and I just can't seem to do it. So I was wondering if anyone would like to write one for me? I feel like he would be a HUGE denier, which I love.

I could try and write something for you as well. Pretty Please? :)

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a one direction sneeze fic would be ABSOULUTLEY AMAZING. but I don't have the time to write one.. i hope somebody will!! theres some footage of Harry sneezing on youtube-although you cant see his face. :(

just seach "Harry Style sneezing" and you'll see it

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I'm obsessed too! But writing Louis would be haaard. :/ I couldn't do it. I hope somebody can though, because that would be amazing!

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I agree that writing Louis would be difficult. I'd definitely try, except that I don't know much about One Direction. If I get some inspiration, though, I'd definitely take a shot. Not promising anything, sadly. I would love to read a Niall fic, though. Omg I can see it now :wub:

anyways, I can try to google him or something for future fic inspiration!!

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