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I haven't had much of a chance to come here over the past few years. Long hours, new wife*, new puppy, little leisure time. Occasionally I have the pleasure of decent observations, but very rarely do I experience what I consider the holy grail of my fetish -- a girl who for reasons beyond my knowledge needs to blow her nose constantly. I think I'd have to go back to high school to find the last time I experienced this kind of situation.

* I love my wife and will always be faithful. I write this because I still have this fetish and can't pass up the opportunity to witness and report on something so rare. I will only observe this girl's nose blowing and will not initiate a conversation with her. I proudly wear my wedding ring the whole time.

She works in the same building as me, but for a different company. I shared an elevator a few times with her (I work on the 4th floor and she on the 9th, but I'll press 10 just to prolong the ride), and I glanced at her name badge, but it just said TEMP. I call her Tara -- Tara the temp. Sometimes I make up nicknames for people whose real names I don't know, like Annie the anorexic jogger I pass every morning on my way in, but I digress. Today I thought of another name for her -- Miss Mucus. More on that in a moment.

The first time I saw her was in September. She's a creature of habit, much like myself. Each day she eats lunch downstairs at the same establishment, eats what appears to be the same meal, and spends most of her hour playing with her smartphone. That warm day I walked in to get a bag of chips and planned on leaving the building, but I just happened to walk by as she was blowing her nose and felt compelled to stay and eat. I think she blew her nose once or twice more that hour. The next day I came back and I waited for more blows, which didn't come. She coughed a bit, but that was it. I assumed she must have had a cold and it was going away. I let it go at that and didn't bother looking for her anymore.

Fast forward to December. I had a doctor's appointment and didn't get in until 9. As I approach the elevator, there she is and she's wiping her nose with a tissue. I was hoping she'd throw it in the garbage, but she put it in her pocket instead. Right then and there I should have realized that this was some coincidence. How often do you see someone three months apart and their nose was running on both occasions? Nevertheless I treated it as just a lucky observation and didn't put too much thought into it.

About two weeks ago, I saw her again after lunch, and her nose was red. What the hell was going on here? Could she have had a cold on all three of these occasions? Allergies? Perhaps allergies in September and April and a cold in December? At this point I'm starting to see that it is worth paying attention to this situation. So, last Monday I timed my lunch so that I could share an elevator with her. I see her up ahead and after she turns the corner I hear her cough. Then I hear her blow her nose. As I get to the elevator, she has a used napkin in her hand. My decision was made. The next day, I was eating lunch at that establishment.

Last Tuesday, I walked in, got some food and found a seat where I could observe her without being obvious about it. And boy did I get treated to a show. During that hour, she blew her nose four times. Always the same way. She'd be eating with one hand and using her phone with the other. She'd start coughing, then she'd take a napkin from the stack they give her at the register with one hand and blow her nose one-handed while continuing to be engrossed by her phone with the other. Her blows varied -- the first was the wettest, not quite the gurgling blows that make me go weak in the knees, but definitely wet. The later blows were less wet. Then she'd put the used napkin down on her tray and keep looking at her phone without missing a beat. At the end of the hour, she blew her nose one last time, collected her phone and the rest of her beverage, and most importantly the remaining unused napkins and put them all in her bag. Then she threw out her garbage and left. I stayed behind and tried to find her used napkins in the garbage but had no luck. This would turn out to be her daily routine. She always makes sure to take whatever extra napkins with her at the end of her lunch hour. I would imagine she uses them all during the course of the day, otherwise she would have an abundance and wouldn't need any more.

Last Wednesday and Thursday, I wasn't able to take my lunch and Friday we were closed. So I had to wait until Monday to see more observations. This week did not disappoint. Monday and Tuesday followed the same routine. Only I was able to retrieve some of her napkins those days. More on that as well. Wednesday she never showed up. Yesterday she was back and blowing up a storm. But today was the most amazing yet. Normally I get there after her and find an optimal seat. That seat is usually not one where she is facing me directly as I don't want to get caught. But today she arrived after me and took a seat about three tables down and facing me. I don't think she'd paid much mind to my presence there. Right off the bat she was coughing every few minutes and she blew her nose three times just in the first 10-15 minutes. In all there were about five or six today, a new record.

My taste in women is not the same as most men. I don't find most supermodels attractive, prefer brunettes to blondes, love girls with glasses, and would prefer a woman with some meat on her bones to one whose ribs I can see, though a girl who blows her nose frequently trumps those things. She fits that entire description, plus the nose blowing. Most guys would probably say that she is cute but they wouldn't notice her in a crowd. To me she's gorgeous, and her nose blowing makes her all the more captivating. If I had to guess, I'd say she's in her twenties. Last year before she was so engrossed by her phone she would read a book instead. She's usually alone, though on a couple of occasions I've seen her talking to one other girl. She appears to be mostly a quiet loner to me. I've always found that the best observations I've had over the years were quiet loner bookworm type girls. They seem to blow their noses more often and usually come prepared with tissues/napkins.

Back to today. Her blows were wet and loud enough that I could hear them from where I was sitting. One was enough to make her have to take her glasses off and wipe her eyes afterward. Her final blow today was a two-handed blow (rare for her) and she stopped half way through and looked like she had to swallow to relieve pressure in her ears. Then she turned to the side and continued blowing her nose. At the end, she was wiping her nose with the used napkin.

The last two weeks have made me curious and spellbound by the possibilities of what could be ailing this poor runny nose sufferer. Her snot from her used napkins is mostly clear and thin, a hallmark of allergies. But she never sneezes, never sniffles, and she coughs a lot, which sounds more cold-like. That's it, she just coughs and blows her nose. Nothing else. Allergies usually produce sneezes, so that doesn't add up. And colds/sinus infections usually produce thicker yellower/greener mucus. So what's the deal? Nasal polyps?? What am I missing? There's obviously some sort of post nasal drip. That's where Miss Mucus comes in. It makes her cough and it makes her nose run. Whatever is ailing her, an abundance of mucus is the biggest part of it.

I just keep imagining what the rest of her day is like. Does she sit in a cubicle all day with a box of tissues on her desk blowing her nose every few minutes and coughing, leaving a wastebasket full of sodden used tissues? Do her coworkers talk about her and think to themselves "there she goes again"? Does she date, and if so does she blow her nose when she does? How does she sleep? Does she snore because she can't breathe properly? Does she fall asleep with used tissues in her hand that end up getting lost under her pillow? Does her nose run during the night while she sleeps? What is her first blow of the day like after a night of mucus building up in her sinuses? Has she always been like this? Blowing her nose all day in class when she was in school? Giving thrills to some kid in class with a nose blowing fetish without ever knowing the power she had over him? Has she ever felt like a social outcast because of her nose? Are her loved ones concerned about it or do they just see her constant nose blowing as normal for her? I could go on all night.

Like I said, I just had to share this. I can't get it out of my mind!

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It's wonderful to read such a detailed and expressive obs.

I once knew just such a girl. Intelligent, pale and blonde, her good looks emphasised for me by a prominent nose from which her paper hankie [which I suspect she kept in the sleeve of her bobbly and furry, wooly cardigan] was seldom absent. Unfortunately for this board but probably not for me, my hankie interest is really only a side interest to the sneezing, and I never saw her sneeze.

Why the constant nose action? I can barely remember how we met, but I think it was through singing, so clearly she had no throatly issues or indeed stuffed#uply ones. I conclude that she just had a very runny nose, perhaps because of some sinus problem [but without the Lord Bragg or W Hague voice]. I certainly made her a more interesting , but ultimately disappointing, acquaintance for me.....

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