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What is it with Restaurants anyway!


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I'm assuming it's the pepper, but this is probably my third or fourth observation in several weeks of someone sneezing in a restaurant. Tonight, there was a middle aged woman sitting diagonally from me, and she began sneezing. One, two, three, four, five, six, and then a seventh time!!! Nothing real spectacular or anything, but still a whole lot of sneezes. Very nice, and prolonged. Again, I guess it must be the pepper or something, but lately I almost always see or hear someone sneeze while eating out. Probably grosses out other people, but I live for it!!!!

By the way, have been on SFF now for about 1/2 hour and have been working on a tickle and sneeze of my own now the whole time...we'll see...if it comes, I'll let you all know! Wow, maybe my first self observation! unsure.png

Till we sneeze again, friends, sneeze on! biggrin.png

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