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Therapist with a cold


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I wanted to report that my therapist has a cold that I noticed this week. She blew her nose three times and did some sneezing. She sneezed a total of four times during our session. She sounded really nasal and congested. After one of the sneezes, she said "I am staying over here!" probably so I would not catch it. She said she was up during the night sneezing.

If you were this therapist, would you have cancelled this session? Will she have it again when I go back again?

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I don't know if I would have cancelled the session, but if I were you, I'd ask for extra time with her!!!!!!! Would have been very hard for me to stay on topic with her sneezing.

Good observatoin...very interesting. Thanks for posting.

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The first sneeze came when I went into her office. She was printing out some paperwork. She sneezed while picking up the paper off of her printer. The other counselor there asked her if she wanted to leave to get some rest. She declined, The second sneeze was the one I mentioned here earlier. The third sneeze was while she was talking about dreams and what they mean. She could not even finish talking without sneezing in that sentence. The final sneeze came and she was looking something upon on her computer for my next appointment. She wiped her computer keyboard off with an antibacterial wipe. I told her that I hope she feels better soon.

We will see.

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