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Favorite Professor~! About time lol


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So, I have this professor that I like. I MIGHT have a little crush, but nothing major. He has a wife and four kids, and I've met them all, so I don't have the interest in him like THAT.

But I really like him as a person. He's energetic, Christian, really nice, and always focuses on actually TEACHING, and not TESTING. He's always in a good mood. He had sandy blonde hair, cut short, really smooth and thin. He's tall, and really lean and lanky.

So, one day in class I was taking notes while he was exhuberently lecturing, and (DAMMIT) as I was looking down, I heard him catch a huge breath, and I looked up just in time to see him bend double, hands over his mouth, with this loud, masculine, "HEH-SHOOO!"..

I usually don't have this happen, but my stomach knotted up, and I felt so warm. I hardly ever get like that when just listening to it. Some woman behind me said, "Bless you!".. You know, in that way ladies do. I love saying it like that, as if it were such a big deal xP

Anyway, sorry this is a crappy ob xD. Just thought I would share ^^

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