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Scary Story Poll?


Your Preferences, whatever they may be.  

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  1. 1. Setting

    • Fantasy
    • Mundane
    • Sci-Fi
    • Steampunk
  2. 2. Characters

    • Group
    • Alone
    • Alone with Support
  3. 3. Style

    • Serious
    • Parody

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Hey everyone,

After seeing The Cabin In The Woods (actually a good movie, just trust me), I feel like trying to write a scary/horror story. However, I'm not feeling very focused right now, and I have roughly a million ideas that I can't focus into anything. In light of this, I figured I'd open the floor to suggestions, and I'll see what people want the most.

I'll give a more in-depth rundown of the poll questions in case there's any confusion.

1. Setting

- Fantasy

Basically, it'll be set in a world where magic and non-human creatures are normal, but something scary is happening anyway. This will probably have a more old-timey feel to it.

- Mundane

Set more or less in the real world. Magic and non-human characters aren't normal, and the main characters will be completely unacquainted with them,

- Sci-Fi

Set in a futuristic world with powerful technology. May or may not include aliens, but if non-human creatures are present, they will be less prominently featured than in the fantasy setting.

- Steampunk

Technically a sub-genre of Sci-Fi, but I thought I'd make this separate for the sake of distinction. Basically, set in a world with relatively modern technology, but everything is powered by steam, and style is similar to the 1800s.

2. Characters

- Group

There will be a group of main characters as opposed to just one. While I personally only like female sneezing, I'll try to vary genders within the group and maybe have some male sneezing too.

- Alone

There will be only a single main character. For the reason noted above, this character will almost certainly be female, and there will probably only be female sneezing in the story.

- Alone, With Support

Similar to above, but the alone character is in contact with a "helper" character. This character isn't actually present, and he/she can't actually interact with the main character, but he/she can communicate, and give advice and mental support.

3. Style

- Serious

I'll write farily serious horror/scary stuff, and I'll try to make the story actually frightening or disturbing. I'll probably stay away from ridiculously gory or otherwise 18+ stuff though, so I'll most likely rely on the supernatural.

- Parody

This style will involve more riffing on horror cliches, and it probably won't actually be that scary. However, this style might still be difficult, since a lot of people are doing it these days, and I want to try to be unique.

I've allowed multiple answers on all 3 questions in case anyone is really torn between any of the options, but if possible, single answers for each question would be prefereable.


Also, if anyone has any specific requests for anything, be it characters, situations, settings, or even the entire story, please feel free to let me know. I'm still in the very early stages, so any input at all would be much appreciated.

Unfortunately, I also can't really guarantee that I'll actually write anything that I'm planning right now. In the event that this doesn't go anywhere, please consider any of my ideas in this thread in the public domain.

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I personally don't care how many people you include in the story, but I voted "alone with support" because of my love for the operator

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I love scary stories! I hope your inspiration bites you good. XD I really liked the alone with helper idea, but I had to pick group, just in case there could be some male sneezing in there... ^^;

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Thanks for the feedback, everyone!

I think I have a setting and a plot fairly well underway, but I still need to figure out my characters. I probably won't be taking too much more input from the poll at this point, but if anyone has any specific ideas, I'm still more than open to them.

Thanks again!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Thanks for the continued input, everyone!

If I am to be honest, for a little while I was actually considering abandoning this project to work on some new stuff. However, after chatting with haeeshoo again, I'm starting to consider adapting this story into our second ever visual novel.

How would everyone feel about that? I'll probably be a very long time before it comes out, and we'll need some other people to help, but I think it'll be very cool if it happens.

Also should I start a new thread for this? How likely is it that people will overlook this one?

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