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My teacher was sick


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So, unfortunatly, this doesn't have any sneezing in it. sadsmiley.gif

My Economics teacher gets up to close the window and starts passing out some old papers. He's probably in his early 30s. has black hair and green eyes. A kid asks him why he looks so angry, to which he replied that he was'nt angry, just not feeling well. And if i do say so, he looked pretty bad.. Eyes half closed. his face was as read as a beat, and he constantly needed to rub his head- said he had like a massive headache. also, he taught us mostly sitting down since he said he felt pretty dizzy.

We just came back from Spring break, and he said he spent most of it feeling this way. Turns out he has some awefull stomach bug thats going around up here. It's like knocking everyone out, teachers and students alike. Iv'e become like a handwashing freak latley because of this!!

but he looked like.. really, really sick. He said that he was throwing up practically all day yesterday.. and he had chills and a fever and that he was in bed basically all day. I felt soo bad for him. He looked awefull..and really red..like he still had the fever. Butit really turned me on, i was like, laughing like a ideot, i was so happy. Since my skin is brown and my family as well.. whenever w'ere sick, you'd never know it. But my teacher was just like, EMOTING "I feel awefull, fuck this, can i go home" practically all period.. and as bad as I felt for him, it made me really happy!

Am I a horrible person for feeling that way..? >.>

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You're not a horrible person for feeling that way! (Or, at least, if you are than I am, too! :P) Thanks so much for sharing!! twitchsmile.gif

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Oh man, I would have leaped out of my seat and hauled ass out of class to get away from those germs. Alias don't do stomach bug! No thank you! fear.gif

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You're not a horrible person for feeling that way! (Or, at least, if you are than I am, too! tonguesmiley.gif) Thanks so much for sharing!! twitchsmile.gif

One more horrible person here!

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