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Are your favorite sounding sneezes usually from videos


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NOTE: Let me first say that I am posting this question merely to find out if there are other community members who can relate to my recent personal discovery. In NO WAY am I trying to make any commentary about any of the very generous folks out there who have ever created wavs and/or videos of themselves for others to enjoy. Anyone who has ever done that is AWESOME in my book and I have enjoyed seeing/hearing them ALL. I personally have never posted a public wav or video (although I have sneezed "live" during phone chat before), so maybe I haven't earned the privilege of asking questions like this(?). Anyway, if for any reason this question makes anyone feel awkward, please ask an administrator to strike it immediately, OK? :-)

This may sound like a silly question (gee, imagine that coming from me!), but it's something I just thought about over the weekend. Obviously we sneeze fetishists love seeing someone sneeze, and thanks to YouTube, etc. there are so many options nowadays that we never had in the past. However, I've discovered that if I were to list my top 10 favorite sounding sneezes ever, at least 8 of them would come from wav files on Bondi's page (thanks Bondi and all the contributors!!), as opposed to sneezes that come from videos where you can see the person. Does anyone else find that they have the same preferences, and if so, have any theories as to why?

One theory is possibly that your imagination is allowed to run wild when it's an audio-only file that you're listening to, so you can completely create a fantasy image of any sort in your mind that can enhance the overall experience. Also, it seems like many of the "wav-sneezers" seem to have longer lasting fits than some of the sneezers caught on YouTube video (with some exceptions, of course), especially if the video wasn't specifically about someone sneezing but instead involved a different topic and simply contained a few random sneezes within. Any other theories/ideas?

Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone else feels the same way. When you're in the mood to hear some sneezing (and if you're me, there's very seldom a time when you're NOT! :-)), do you tend to go "old school" and listen to some of your tried and true favorites or do you crank up YouTube and get the overall sight/sound experience?

Once again....thanks to EVERYONE who has ever been generous enough to share their sneezes with the community (and, for that matter...the WORLD!)......you all rock!

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Most often when I'm in the mood for some sneezes, I use my imagination completely. Usually it will be when I'm going to bed (try to inspire some sneezey dreams) and I'll imagine a character sneezing in a certain situation, or perhaps even create a whole fic in my head. Or I will find someone on the stories board who has already written something and imagine their story. That way I can create the sneeze perfectly how I want it. :) However, every once in a while I'll be in the mood for something more real. In that case, I tend to browse Youtube, but I do have some favorites that I'll replay more than others. I'm not sure I have a preference between wavs or videos though. It all depends on the sound. I am particularly fond of compilation videos though, that have a whole bunch of different people sneezing.

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Pretty much exactly what alias said. (I make up little fics for myself when going to sleep, too!). It totally depends on the sound for me in both wavs and videos but with videos there is that added visual which does have an impact on likeability for me. I avoid the inducing vids so I tend to watch videos of people having allergy attacks since I prefer multiple sneezing to just one or two random sneezes. And now I've forgotten what the original question even was. Lol

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I would say that a good wav beats a poor quality YouTube vid any day. Although, my definition of poor quality (and good quality) is no doubt going to differ from someone elses. There are still a some classic wavs that I have and occasionally listen to, even though I originally found them 10 years ago or so! You know what they say - true style never goes out of fashion :lol:

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Imagination does play a huge part with .wavs and imagination tends to make most of the pleasure.

And as for .wavs being longer, if the person has no video then they can edit fits together without the listener knowing (a secret factor to the making of the videos :P)

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If I like the sound of someone's sneeze(s), it doesn't matter too much to me whether I can see the person or not. As long as they aren't way too young or way too old, I'm usually good. X)

Most of my favourite fetish recordings are, or have been, on Youtube. Some of them are audio only, some are not. *shrug*

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Video killed the wav-io star?

Overall, I would say that I prefer videos for the combined "sound and vision" experience


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I tend to prefer audio only, not because the sneezers are unattractive in any way but because I like to set up a whole scene in my imagination. Said imagination rarely limits itself to seeing a pretty person sitting on a couch sneezing, but the scenes my mind plays when I listen to nice .wavs aren't exactly possible for people to record *snap* just like that.

That being said, sometimes I'd just die to watch a lovely pre-sneeze face or heaving chest, so I would never want to be forced to decide between video or audio. ;)

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Mmm... good question.

I love both, but I would say I spend more time watching videos than listening to wavs and I always find it slightly frustrating if never get to see the sneezer (especially if they are good!)

Having said that, the sound of a sneeze is more important to me than seeing it.

On returning to favorites - Yes I do this, but I would say that the first dozen exposures to any new piece of horny sneeze media are the most exciting.

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I shouldn't be so surprised that so many other people make up fics in their head when listening to these things! Sometimes it's kind of nice to not be as unique as you thought you were. :D

Anyway - I think the reason I prefer audio-only is in small part due to the fact that I feel awkward watching people sneeze. I'm not entirely sure why, at least not when it's in a video put there for the express purpose of others watching. But for the most part I think I prefer audio-only files because I tend to make up scenarios in my head. These scenarios often put a certain character in the place of the person who's sneezing, and that doesn't tend to be easy if I'm looking at the actual person doing it at the same time.

For the record, I only go on youtube, rather than listening to wavs and stuff, but there're a lot of videos that have just black video or have something over the camera. Those are the ones I tend to prefer.

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I'm picky in general so it is difficult enough to find material that I Really like without adding picture into the mix. Not that I haven't seen any cute vids, but... at least thus far my favourites happen to be .wavs. I do have some that I *may* have listened to more than a couple of times.... :blushing:;)

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I usually prefer video, but sometimes I totally enjoy a good audio-only.

I'm definitely noticing the gender correlation in play here: Women going more to their imagination to enhance the experience, and guys being totally visually oriented. Of course, that's not true 100% of the time, but I think in general the pattern holds. Ladies, it sounds like you're having a lot more fun! Hahaha, we men are quite the simpletons! Oh well, what can ya do...

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