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Friend sneezing into my jacket


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I have mixed feelings about this ob but thought others might enjoy it. I was going shopping with a friend and she’d underestimated the weather, wearing only shorts and a t-shirt in 60 degree weather, so I lent her my jacket. One of the shops we went to was very crowded so we were huddled fairly close together looking at different pairs of earrings when her cheeks went a bit pink and she wrinkled her nose. A few seconds later she bent forward and sneezed wetly into her elbow, sort of like, “Heh-essh!”.

She was leaning toward me as well, I guess to avoid spraying the people on her other side. Usually I bless but I was kind of squicked by the fact that she’d sneezed into my jacket so I laughingly said, “Ugh thanks for sneezing all over my jacket” and she smiled vaguely, preoccupied with the coming of a second identical sneeze which was once again muffled into my jacket.

It turned into a bit of a fit, as we were walking down the street a minute later she sneezed about five more times and at the last one I was starting to appreciate them more so I rubbed her back a bit and blessed her and asked if she was feeling alright. She said she was pretty sure it was allergies but then she was coughing a bit later so I don’t know.

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Thanks for sharing RSB, I did enjoy it and I'm sure others here will too! smile.png Sorry that squicked you out a bit though. Still a nice obs! (Love that you rubbed her back, just saying. tonguesmiley.gifsmile.png)

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Thanks for sharing. I did enjoy your ob. I am a big fan of fits! Sorry about your jacket though. I understand where your coming from.

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I think mostt of us would preserve the jacket for ever unwashed like Lewinski's dress; in fact I don't really understand wherein the skeeviness or icked-outness or creepiness consists. But then I don't really know what these words mean, except that creepiness means not being good at games. Surely the jacket is going to be washed twice a day anyway, sadly.

But then I can't get my head around the idea of people sneezing into their clothes in the first place; haven't they got hankies to fumble for so that can legitimately spray everywhere like normal people? I suppose I'm stuck in the olden days when washing meant doing the underwear in the sink and everything else had to be sent out to laundries at huge cost.

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Good post, but guess the jacket is toast. Sorry about that, but probably worth the observation. Multiple sneezes are always fun. Thanks for posting.

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The jacket is toast? What, like something worn by Lady Gaga, or that portrait of the Queen which is so admired by the art establishment? Yum; and selected parts of the toast might have a really tasty extra spread on it!

I suppose the toast will eventually go off; but it seems so odd that when so many of us would long to keep the jacket for ever, a tiny minority would wish to destroy it. Could Share and Share Alike be the answer? Obviously no money could change hands, unless.....

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