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So it's getting close to our performance of WSS(story!) today I was hanging in the dressing room helping with props and costumes for dress rehearsals, everyone left for the prolog. Velma [basically the pretty blonde girl, but sweetest person you'll ever meet, the cutest nose round slightly large] sat quietly in her seat almost falling asleep

"You okay?" somebody asks, she springs up.

"Yeah fine..." I almost spin completely around when I hear her quiet stuffy voice, I sit next to her to be a good friend ^_^

As I sit down she's in a middle of a coughing fit, "That doesn't sound good...you okay sweetie?" Velma sighs from her prop bag she takes out a tissue and presses it to her nose, 'isshoo!' "Bless you!" 'isssss' she stifles "Bless you again...if you feel as crappy as you look then I think you should go home"

"I cad't...shit..." she mumbles blowing her nose, "I should...sniff! sniff! stubid!"

"Nooo you're should sick." Smiling mostly because her boyfriend comes over (I know when I'm not wanted ;)) Later it was break and Velma is debating on whether she should go home or not snuggled in her bf's arms, then Maria [a dancer's body, small nose] came in looking miserable, "Looks like Velma isn't the only one getting sick."

Maria started at the couple, "The sucky life of being single..." then shyly sits next to me, "Leeeeeexyyyyyy?" I ask you how am I supposed to say no that pitful and adorable pleed??w00t.gif

"Come come!" I say extending my arms to her, leaning against me I wrapped my arms around her waist. Ten minutes has gone by and I hear 'issssss! isssss! II-ssss!' then Maria she tenses up, and 'AAAAHHTCHOOO!'. It scared the crap out all of us, "Jeez that was big."

"I dow right?" Maria says quietly, loudly blowing her nose "Leeeeeeexyyyyyy can I have your sweatshirt?" Looking at the one I'm wearing, I fall for everyone giving it to her, "I owe you..." tensin up again, pinching her nose "AAAACHEEE! c-crap...AAAHHTCHOOO!!" 'isssh!' "I hate you Velma and your sneezes!"

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WOW what a hot obs! drool.gif colds at rehearsals of plays/musicals are something I'm familiar with in real life, and I love, but I've never gotten to witness hot action such as that - 2 girls sneezing back and forth? I'd die dribble.gif

Wow. Thank you so much for sharing! Lucky girl tonguesmiley.gifsmile.png

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Sounds totally amazing! I would have melted into a puddle....on the floor.. great obs thanks for sharing!

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The show went amazing, thankfully they got better before the show. I went to a cast party, we sang sounds around the fire in my directors back yard (I know haha) and many people have allergies so there will obs soon!

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