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Monday, 7:45 am.

Blaine woke up to Kurt's alarm blaring. He had to go to rehearsal for Book of Mormon. Groaning, the smaller boy buried himself under the warm covers and sniffled. Why was he so exhausted? He and Kurt had gotten to be earlier than usual. Sighing, he groaned when Kurt got up, Blaine rolling into the warmth he left, his face going to his fiancé's pillow.

Kurt had just gotten over a bout of the flu that had left him sick for a week. The weekend had faired better, and now, Monday, he was finally returning to his well missed Broadway family.

Hearing the door lock behind in thirty minutes and a kiss goodbye later, Blaine made no effort to move. He had rehearsal as well, but it started at 11. Blaine was starring as Link Larkin, in Hairspray. Letting his mind drift into the foggy morning haze, Blaine fell back asleep.

Monday, 5:10 pm.

Walking into their apartment, Blaine shook the snow off of himself and shivered, turning the heat up. He took his large blue coat off and rubbed at his eyes under his glasses, sniffling again. Sniffling. It seemed to be a common occurrence all day, though it was to be expected in the frigid temperatures of New York.

His exhaustion had increased through the day and now all the curly haired man wanted to do was sleep. Going to the bedroom, he changed into a long sleeve shirt and sweatpants, knowing Kurt would wake him when he got home.

Tuesday, 8:40 am.

"He'ghhnxt!" Blaine sneezed into a tissue he had snagged a few moments before he sneezed from the nightstand, his nose runny and pink. The edges quivered as his breath hitched, ready for another sneeze.


Sighing and rubbing his nose with the back of his palm, Blaine sniffled. Kurt, from the other room, walked in.

"Honey, you sound miserable. Take a day off." he murmured, pressing a hand to Blaine's forehead that was slightly warm. Kurt's eyes raked over Blaine. His skin was slightly paler, his nose a shade of pink. He was shivering and snuffling into his pillow.

"I can't I have to go..." Blaine mumbled, his eyes watering and closing slightly.

"Hu'TSHH! guhh'tCH! he'gehhh'nxt!"

Nose streaming, Blaine sniffled, the snot that had trickled down his nose being pulled back up. The underside of his pink nose was chapped and raw. "I feel so sneezy..." Blaine mumbled, the itch in the back of his nose slowly building, making him feel stuffy.

Kurt cooed. "Baby. You're in no condition to-"

Blaine cut Kurt off. "I'm going, I'll be fine." he assured, pressing a tissue to his nose as he started getting ready.

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