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Erm...where do I begin?

So as you may (or may not) know, I've been completely obsessed with Team StarKid's newest musical, "Holy Musical B@man!". That and I got tickets to their next concert last night but anyway. Obsession. And it's been making me want to draw sneeze-related art relating to the characters. Quite namely, Poison Ivy, played by none other than the absolutely wonderful Jaime Lyn Beatty.



I...don't even have a friggin' clue as to how I came up with this idea. I partly blame the picture similar in nature to this one that the lovely Spoider did a while back, but otherwise...yeah I dunno. It's late, I'm being indulgent, and I'm tired. I'm certainly in no mood to pick apart my reasonings.

Enjoy, though. c:

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I do enjoy this Paws! Thank you for making it :D I think you did a very nice job with the first two parts of this. The way she looks at the flower and that sniff is well done ^^. I like the way she sneezed too. Thanks for sharing this!

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Oh my goodness, no, thank you! I'm so glad you like it, even considering that this was just a quick thing :D but thank you so so much! <3

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Nice! Poison Ivy has to be one of the best characters in fiction for sneeze fetishists... Just think of all that pollen :D

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Aaaaah thanks guys blush.png

@NoV: Yup, I didn't really know what else to go with besides pollen- I almost went with cats (since in the play Poison Ivy and Catwoman are particularly close), but I felt pollen was a better route.

Once again, thanks all! happy.pngheart.gif

(P.S. Cannot believe I didn't do this earlier! For the interested, if you want to watch it. Just bear in mind they curse a good deal but I think you guys can handle that, so...xD

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