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The only time he covers...


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I don't imagine Toki covers much, probably out of a naive lack of consideration, but when he does I picture him using his shirt collar. Not sure why, other than it's adorable. wub.png


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Personally I'd imagine Toki being fairly polite about sneezing in public, but that's just me.

Murderface, of course, would spew everywhere and not care. (Until Nathan whacks him)

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LOL webmeistro. Murderface spewing is canon, as we've seen in Sicklok.

Masking and I actually have in-depth discussions about this. :laugh: She said that Murderface might cover because she imagined his grandmother beating politeness into him... but the same could probably be said about Toki's super-strict parents too, so I can see where you're coming from.

I personally just picture him not giving a shit, or just simply forgetting that it's the polite thing to do since he's kind of a social retard. :P

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