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There's got to be one of us in the Pokemon gaming industry


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I'm pretty sure there has been posts before on some of this, but I don't think people caught some things. First, the stuff I'm pretty sure is already somewhere deep in this forum:

In the first series (Red, Blue, Yellow) and the games that include the Kanto region, there's the guy that is a Hiker that has hay fever. That seriously was one of the first sneezes I've ever 'seen' in a game :D. Yeah it was a guy, but it didn't change the fact that for once, a sneeze was in a game :).

In Emerald, there is actually three things that I noticed on the game. Near the very, very beginning there is this short little kid that sneezes every time you talk to him because he is in the grass (it is hilarious when he isn't in the grass and sneezes anyway XD) but there are two more things in that game. I think that they are only in Emerald though. One is a Aroma Lady that complains that her pokemon that she uses...I think it is a gloom and an oddish, but I can't remember exactly...give her allergies. She doesn't sneeze, but after the battle she sniffs and asks you if you have any spare tissues. There's also one other random thing that I know I'm forgetting in Emerald but I can't remember it off the top of my head.

I know for a fact that the forum already has Maylene, the cute fighting gym leader in Sinnoh, sneezing in Platinum :). The ice gym leader also sneezes, but it is in the manga series of the story. It's sad that they didn't include that in the show or the game, but I'll take it in the manga series.

Now for the things I don't think the forum has yet: inside Soulsilver, there is a dragini that a trainer has outside of its pokeball. In that game some pokemon get out of their pokeballs and follow you around. Quite interesting actually...sometimes XD. There is one place in the game, actually the town you start out in, where you have a one in three chance of a sneeze whenever a ! appears over your pokemon that is out of its pokeball. I've used this on my favorite pokemon ^^. Sad thing is that it gets more and more rare for a ! to appear the longer you have been with the pokemon you choose, but sometimes it does still happen :). I know that one trainer in that game sneezes besides the hiker you meet up with again in the Kanto region, but I can't remember who.

Alright almost done. This is the thing that makes me suspicious of someone here on the forum being in the Pokemon gaming business XD. Inside the Ranger games, there are three, each one has at least two sneezes in each game. Not only that, in the second game, there are actually three characters you meet up with that are...well, they appear to be idiots to tell the truth, but they are scientists that are studying sneezing. Yeah. In the game itself :D. There's two female scientists and one male scientist, and there is a chart that they have that is a chart of how sneezing affects different pokemon. Sad thing is you as the player can't see this chart X_X. WHY? XD (Also, yes, each scientist sneezes in the game :). It is just sad that they seem so dim witted...but then again, about half of the people in the whole game appear dim witted. )

In the third Ranger game there is a place where, if you choose to be the guy at the beginning of the game, your girl partner sneezes once, and if you are the girl then the guy sneezes once.

Anyway, this may be 'pointless' to some people on here, but to me I think this is great. Anyone willing to confess to being part of a gaming industry? ;)

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Yesssss!! Oh yes 8D you know, there was also sneezing in the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon spin-offs as well. In the very first game (both Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team), when you're traveling up in the snowy region by where Articuno is, your partner sneezes and complains about the cold weather. Mostly male, I think, but Torchic, Chikorita, and MAYBE Eevee partners are female.

And oh my goodness, sneezing in the Ranger games? I've only ever played the first one but that's exciting! And I completely forgot about the Aroma Lady in Emerald- it feels like forever since I've gotten farther than Brawly in it. xD

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