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Skype sneezes (M, multiple, different guys)


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*sorry i wrote a whole novel...

Okay so this whole talking to strangers on the internet thing is really weird for me... so I'll just skip to the end. I have talked to a few (I think 8..?) really REALLY REALLY attractive guys that I found on Chatroulette and we've been talking on Skype for a while. I've managed to use my female prowess (hehehe) to get them each to sneeze for me, except for 2 of them who have tried but couldn't sneeze. I didn't even have to do anything in return for them sneezing, I didn't take my clothes off or anything, I just said that it turns me on when guys sneeze and they did it. They're all 19-26 years old.

My is Nico. He's from Brazil, nice body, nice face. His nose is soooo sensitive to inducing (he uses a tissue) and his sneezes are absolutely heavenly. I have around 20 of his sneezes recorded on my phone but I've seen him sneeze at least 50 times. I'm not really good at onomatopoeias, but they sound like "HEH-Eschh!" and he always sneezes in multiples with a few seconds in between. I love watching him because he just sticks the tissue in his nose once and then he sneezes like 6 times after that and it lasts about a minute before he does it again.

I forgot how to spell his name, but it's like Alexander, but with a K or something instead of an X...? He's from Denmark. He's really muscular, pale skin, dark eyes, dark hair, really red lips, I tell him he looks like a vampire. Really sexy and masculine looking, and his sneezes match his appearance perfectly. He's like a scream-sneezer, which I'm usually not too fond of, but he's just so sexy it doesn't even matter to me. I think he sneezed 4 times, but I have 2 recorded.

The first guy that I talked too was Marcus. He's from Australia, buzzed hair, really muscular, tan, gorgeous face, and he seems to never wear a shirt. I suggested using a tissue and pepper, but those didn't work for him, then he tried paprika and he sneezed 8 times. At first he stifled them, but I told him to let it out and that I like big sneezes. He replied with something along the lines of "I'm a quiet guy, that's how I sneeze," but then he started to let out his sneezes and it sounded like "Haht-tsshh!"

Henry from Finland looks a lot like Marcus, I actually wouldn't be able to tell them apart due to the low-quality webcams and Skype quality, but he's really hot too. He kind of half-stifles his sneezes and I absolutely love it. It's like "huh-kchhmmph."

And Jasper (idk where he's from, it doesn't say on his Skype and I forgot what he told me), but it's somewhere in northern Europe estimating from the time difference (it was like 6am for him when it was 1am here). Light brown hair, slender build, adorable baby face (he's 24), and he's in a folk band and has that cute indie style. He only sneezed once and it was one of the cutest sneezes I've ever witnessed. It was just like "hah-tsh!" but the way he moved and the way his head jerked forward with his curly hair was just so cute!

Max (from the US) has one of the nicest bodies I have ever seen. He works at Abecrombie and he seriously looks like the Abercrombie models on the posters in the stores. He tried pepper but it didn't work for him, and he said he's a photic sneezer but that didn't work either. I suggested using a tissue but he said that it wasn't sexy to have something hanging out of his nose so he didn't do it. He messages me every time he sneezes though, and he tries to video call me before he sneezes, but I still haven't seen him sneeze yet.

The guy I'm most looking forward to see sneeze is Jeremy from Canada. Oh my God he is PERFECT looking. He's a boxer and his body is amazing, he shaves his head, and his face looks like Tom Welling from Smallville. But the reason I want him to sneeze so badly is because his voice is soooooooooo deep. I just love it when guys with really deep voices sneeze. He tried using a tissue but it didn't work though. Every time we talk he starts off the conversation with "Hey cutie, want me to sneeze for you?" but he still hasn't done it yet. He's also really open about his sexual exploits (he's kind of a man-whore, he's been with over 40 girls and he's 25 years old) and he's been with a girl with a sneezing fetish before. He likes talking to me because he thinks I'm innocent and cute and that I'm a good influence on him, and we talk for hours at a time, so I'm just hoping that he'll sneeze naturally one of these days.

Whew. That took forever to write. And I sound like a shallow bitch haha.. but I just thought I'd share.

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Huh, what a unique idea. You'll never meet the guys in person, so you don't have to worry about being embarrassed or them telling anybody. Has anyone ever refused to indulge you?

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The Aussie sounds the hottest to me, I would have died seeing that. There's just something about big muscular guys having soft sneezes that KILLS me.

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I'm so willing to do that for other female fetishists...sneeze via chat/skype, whether I or they reveal their face, that's is fine, but to hear the sneezes. Kinda cool if I do say so myself. How many would be into doing that? As others have said, it is kinda a win-win as you don't know the other person and it's not in person per say.

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