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NOT BY ME. All of these are from sQuiDbiScUit on deviantArt!

These are all the doodles I could find of fetish stuff that we'd be interested in. If you want to go check her other doodles out, please do! BUT BE WARNED, she's a MAJOR emetophile. (I'm personally okay with that in fiction, but if you aren't, you really won't want to see her other drawings. XD )

Also, here's a link to the full-sized drawing, since photobucket sucks: http://sta.sh/#/d2b0njuhyibh )


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Haha, I've seen these! Every time when she does sick doodle, I always get really happy :)

The only reason I watch her really though is because one of my friends is a vore fetishist, but her art (although grose sometimes) is kinda cute

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Ahahaha, I love Squidbiscuit's art! It's so cute! Even though I'm emetophobic, for some reason it doesn't bother me in fiction. Hm. But thanks for sharing! The allergic!Sollux drawing made me so happy today when she sketchdumped it. :D

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*looks at the drawing of the horned thing*

*looks at the horned thing in Dakoter's icon*

Are those the same thing??! :omg:

I love when I find out where people's icon pictures come from. :laugh:

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Hahah, yeah, Anony... Ya caught me!

His names Gamzee Makara. A troll from Homestuck x];;; I need to change my icon soon, I'm thinking of snagging that picture of Sollux (the yellowish guy up there with the cool glasses) from those pictures up there :D

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