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I've been thinking about this resently. 2 of my friends have fetishes that I've learned about, and one didn't even know until I told her about mine! Their both really nice people, just like us here on SFF. And of course, we all indulge one another every once in a while via Roleplays or something, and it's really fun.

And ya know that feeling some of you might get when our sneezing fetish is brought up, or you find a clip or story or Picture of your favorite person in the universe sneezing, and you just get mega happy? It's like that! Because they understand, they've lived with this seemingly their whole life, and went through that whole awkward stage as a kid an whatnot when the fetish developed, just as most (I'm sure there's some exceptions XD) of us went through.

So, I was wondering if anyone else had a fetishy friend or SO, that had one even if it wasn't a sneezing fetish in particular. Was it fun? Or am I the only one who would have fun messin around with a vorephile by opening my mouth wide in their face? x];;;; it's funny to watch them react, because I would feel exactly the same mix of giddy and awkwardness if someone around me sneezed really well, right next to me...

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I don't think I've ever met another living human being with a fetish. :( But I just googled voraphilia... sounds hella interesting! I'm glad you have friends with whom you can indulge in your fantasies. ^_^ I agree that it is a wonderful feeling when someone who understands you does something you like or includes it in a roleplay.

I have one friend who said she liked it when strangers rubbed against her... but I think she was just kind of grabbing at straws after I told her my fetish, in order to make me feel less awkward. Because it isn't something she fantasizes about, and besides, rubbing against someone can be sexual for a lot of people.

Similarly one of my friends likes when there are things between her toes. I used to stick a pencil between her pinky toe and the one next to it and watch her freak out at how good it felt. But again, that's not really a fetish, but it's still fun to mess with her!

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I have a friend I've sort of drifted away from, but when we were first getting to know one another that came up somehow - I still don't understand how he could just come right out and tell someone he didn't even really know about his fetishes. But even if we didn't talk about it much after that, it was enormously helpful just to know that someone else I knew had sort of had the same-ish experience, that I had a friend who understood what it's like. There have been times when I felt guilty about my fetishes and how they've related to other friends, and it was a huge help to be able to talk to him about that. We never did fun stuff like rp though, that would be a lot of fun, being able to hear someone talk about how theirs worked and being able to talk to them - sort of get an outside perspective on it, but from someone you know wouldn't judge you.

So yeah, I have and it was great, though we never had the sort of relationship you and your friend seem to. It's weird to think that I might know people who have fetishes, but I'd never know unless I told them mine! In that case I'd never know. XD

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I have two close friends with fetishes, and I love it! One is a guy I dated in high school, but both of us were too awkward at the time to communicate well with each other, so we didn't "come out" to each other or experiment with them. We kept in touch as friends through college and eventually told each other. Now we talk about it a lot and try to figure out where they came from and how we can integrate them into our sexual relationships with other people. We never role play or anything, though - it would feel way too weird, I think, because we're not dating anymore. It would make things confusing.

My other friend is someone I dated while I was abroad. I felt weirdly comfortable around him and was able to tell him about my fetish after like a week, and it turned out that he had fetishy issues he was trying to figure out also. We did a lot of role playing and experimenting, and it was really fun! I've also kept in touch with him since then as a close friend, and we talk really regularly, especially about our fetishes, but we don't indulge them or mess with each other.

I'm impressed that you can have "friends with fetishes" without doing things with them that are more sexual! With both of these guys, I'm sure it would be really hard for me to maintain platonic relationships if we started indulging each other.

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I guess it depends on how you use the word 'platonic'. Because though these are acts that turn one on sexually, we're not doing anything actually sexual. Theres NOTHING that's actually sexual about indusing sneezes, to anyone but us! That's why, even though I have some sort of sexual-phobia, I feel just fine lettin someone look inside my mouth, even if it does get them excited..... I don't know fetishes are weird.

That's why sometimes, when I'm older, I wish I could only date people with fetishes.... Seems a lot easyer to me :).

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I have a close friend who has the furry fetish, and he's also into pregnancy and hypnosis/mind control. He makes me feel really normal :) And yes, I do love to tease him.

Just the other night I was at a party with him, and for some reason one of my friends was feeding me pretzels out of her hand. He got that look in his eye, so I started camping it up and whined like a dog. No one else saw but his face was a hilarious combination of embarrassed and turned on. His response? To sniffle and blink at the light- I was afraid he was going to fake a sneeze right then and there! He's an EXCELLENT faker but he knows I don't like him to do it in front of lots of people.

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Salamander, that's such a funny relationship that you and your friend have! I would want to kill someone if they did that to me, but it's also pretty hilarious yay.gif

Dakoters, did you say

even though I have some sort of sexual-phobia... smile.png.


I can relate, and it would be awesome if you could post on my "fetish related to phobia?" thread! Please don't feel at all obligated to read all my rambling in the original post, lol:


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Well, what I meen by sexual phobia, I meen I'm literally scared of the standard practice of it. I'm just a lady I suppose...buuut I'm sure it has something to do with my fetish... I'm sure of it.

@Salamander Ih my gosh, that's just rich! XD Your friend sounds really funny! That's exactly what I do with mine! It's funny to see them react, the exact way we would! That whole 'You don't do that in public!!!' type reaction

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