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Isabella's Autumn Allergies (F)


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Isabella’s Autumn Allergies (F)

Isabella could already feel a sneeze coming. She stared at herself in the mirror as her mouth fell open, her eyes becoming glazed and far away. She felt it gain power, and knew that she was just a few frantic breaths away from an explosive release; hopefully enough to clear the tickly pollen grains from her sensitive nose. Her chest swelled visibly in her petticoat; once, twice, and then...


...the sneeze erupted in the enclosed space of her bedroom with a tremendously unladylike roar of sound. She sneezed fully, all over her dressing table despite her frantic scrabbling for her lace handkerchief. The great gust of her release sent scented powders wafting into the air, the smaller bottles tinkling with the sheer volume of the sneeze.

Her white bonnet had been thrown forwards over her eyes, but even as she weakly pulled it back into its proper place, she once again felt the undeniable rush in her chest, a blossoming tickle trembling at the back of her nose. Once again, her petticoats grew tight as her breath hitched violently. Her dark eyes glittered, her face collapsing into her pre-sneeze scream.


No matter what she tried, be it a determined finger under her nostrils, holding her breath or clamping a handkerchief to her nose with both hands, she had never been able to in any way control her colossal allergy sneezes, which had plagued her since childhood. Her parents knew that there was no stopping her, and that at certain times of year their oldest daughter would become an unstoppable sneezing machine. Her sneezes would come upon her frequently and unexpectedly, and despite suffering her enormous sneezes for a full eighteen years, they still came as a shock.

Isabella sniffled, trying to get rid of the worming, tickly feeling at the back of her nose. Locks of her black hair had got loose from under her bonnet and fell across her face. She tried to blow it aside, pouting her full lips. Yet again her eyes glazed, her bust swelling with the quick, involuntary breaths that forced her to tilt back her head. Oh, she just had to...


This one seemed even more violent than the last two, and she heard it echo around the house, ringing in her ears. It made the silence that followed it almost frightening. This sneeze succeeded in blowing off Isabella’s bonnet completely, her thick black hair now in disarray. Sometimes the ferocity of her sneezes shocked even her.

She heard the door click open behind her, and hastily ran a hand through her hair to make herself halfway presentable. In the mirror she saw the stern profile of her father advance around the door, a crumpled look of disapproval on his lined face. Isabella sniffed desperately, trying to convince herself that there was not another sneeze building behind her eyes.

Her father was the local landowner; a well-respected farmer and employer, and it was in the autumn, at harvest time, when a years-worth of careful agricultural decisions became clear. But now he was looking less than magnanimous, frowning as Isabella pinched her pink nose tightly in an effort to quell the oncoming explosion.

‘Look here young lady,’ her father began, clearly annoyed. Isabella barely heard him over the gasping of her own breath. Her body was literally shuddering with the force of her build-up, her nose an unmerciful tickly mess. She clamped her hands as hard as she could over her mouth, high pitched squeaks escaping her with each inhalation. The last thing she saw was her father’s furious face before...

...she sneezed. Hugely.

So violent was her release that she snapped forwards at the waist, the sneeze exploding around her tightly tented hands. Her long hair cascaded forwards, hiding her face. Isabella felt the colossal blast of expelled air and wetness roar out into her hands, escaping through her fingers. Her ears rang.

She would not have thought it possible to sneeze again. The sheer size of her last one had left her feeling drained of everything, so that she felt weary even lifting her head from between her knees. But her nose had other ideas. She knew that her father would not be happy, could almost see his disapproval directed at her through her tightly screwed eyes which watered with the blossoming tickle that was rampaging through her delicate sinuses. Before she could even contemplate muffling what was to come...


Her nose freed itself from the sticky pollen grains with a full-bodied and thunderous triple, each as loud as each other, almost on top of each other with their eagerness to be released. All Isabella could do was look up at her father like a petulant child; her lips pouting, her dark eyes smudged with allergic tears. She was breathless, her chest heaving as she breathed in short, rapid gasps, making her glossy hair tremble. She sniffed; her nose finally free of the omnipresent tickle.

‘Isabella,’ said her father. He only used her full name in his darkest of moods. ‘Rest assured that if you embarrass me by sneezing like that in the church for the harvest festival today, you will live to regret it! Nothing must spoil this day – you know just how important this is for me. Control your silly sneezing, or there will be trouble. Do you understand me?’

Isabella nodded, already thinking about the smell of freshly cut hay and autumn flowers, filling the church with a heady, inescapable scent...

To be continued...

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Hoooo boy, I needed that. :D Female, allergy, original, desperation and to-be-continued...! :yay:

Great story, as usual...! I'm eagerly awaiting part 2... :bounce:

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This is a great story, I can't wait to read more!

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Isabella, I do believe you may be in some trouble.

Yeah, she sure is. NOV's stories about ladies desperately trying not to sneeze are so great. Not only are they fantastic, but the sneezes are huge, making the stories that much more interesting.

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0_0...that was beautiful. I'm not going to lie *blushes* Now if only this was in a movie or show :D :D Still, great job making these huge sneezes believable, and the way she is having these problems since childhood...oh man, she's going to have to figure out how to do something. She could try to wear a mask that isn't too obvious, but who knows how long that would work XD. Her allergies...^^ Thank you for sharing this story with us :) It was a wonderful short story!

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I'd like to see more power in her sneezes like blowing a few trees down and other stuff like that

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Thanks for all the comments guys - glad you are enjoying it :D

Isabella’s Autumn Allergies (F) Part 2

The sight of the blossom laden heavily with pollen, the piles of freshly cut hay and artfully arranged blooms was almost enough to make Isabella start explosively sneezing on the spot. She had entered the church walking slightly behind her mother and father, all too aware of the hush which had greeted her father’s presence as his assembled employees and peers turned to face their local landowner and benefactor. Subtly she brought a lace rimmed handkerchief up from within her petticoats, sniffing quietly into it, terrified of feeling the sudden, soaring sensation of a sneeze set in motion.

She felt the weight of the attentive eyes, feeling herself flush as she noticed the glances of more than one of the local boys. And yet all she could think of was the all-consuming fear that she would be unable to control a sudden bout of sneezing. Again she sniffed, delicately; hardly daring to create a stir of air in her nostrils. They found their seats near the front of the church and filed into the pew.

No escape! Her exits were blocked from both sides, by her mother to her right and an entire entourage of her younger brothers and sisters to the left. How could they do this to her! Already the church was starting to hush as the vicar ascended the pulpit, an expectant gasp whispering through the church. An evening glow filtered richly through the stained glass, illuminating the kaleidoscopic dance of dust motes and pollen that filled the air.

Again she pressed the lacy handkerchief to her nose, blinking her large eyes. The very sight of so much pollen brought an undeniable sense of itch in her nostrils, a barely discernible fuzziness that was starting to take shape right at the back of her nose. Oh no, she just could not – she must not!

She began to feel her nose twitch, rhythmically flexing in time to the escalating tickle. Without thinking about what she was doing, she allowed her mouth to fall ever-so-slightly open, her head tilted delicately backwards and eyes half-lidded as the sensation strengthened, growing in magnitude. Her sneeze built up strength like an avalanche, and no less destructively in Isabella’s eyes. Without thinking, she let out a weak gasp, succumbing to her inevitable pre-sneeze sounds.

‘Ssssshh!’ Isabella turned, and through her half-closed eyes saw her mother and father staring sternly at her. Desperately she gulped, trying to swallow her sneeze back. The combined effect of such angry gazes and her own mental control bought her some time, yet only delaying the inevitable.

As the tickle ran wild through her nose, she looked from side to side, trying to work out what she would do when the sneezing started. Her powerful explosions sometimes felt as if they could do damage if she didn’t take care where she was facing when they burst from her trembling frame. In front of her was a huge display of freshly cut flowers, bundles of sweet smelling hay filling her entire tear-blurred vision. Isabella felt the tickle deepen, consuming her nose with its feathery power.

Another involuntary gasp escaped her, the sneeze starting to take control of her entire body. She gripped the wooden backrest of the pew in front of her, feeling the sneeze come barrelling up from her toes, up through her stomach, her chest expanding rapidly with an unending intake of breath to fuel the cataclysmic release.

‘No!’ she heard her mother whisper fiercely, but it was no use.

With a force like a hurricane hitting land, Isabella sneezed!

And not just one sneeze – two, three, four sneezes in rapid-fire succession, coming so quickly and powerfully that they piled up on each other, creating one continuous roar of sound, causing Isabella to snap forwards repeatedly at the waist as her body expelled the grains of pollen. The church rang and echoed with the reverberations of the colossal noise.

She could feel all eyes in the congregation turn towards her, but was powerless to respond. That gigantic quadruple sneeze had only begun to clear her nose of the tantalising allergens, and she knew that more were on the way! She felt her breasts pressing insistently against her petticoats as she filled her lungs for another sneeze; her mouth open, eyes tearing, hips shaking with the intensity of the build-up.

Isabella sneezed full-force, utterly uncovered; a great blast of wind and wetness exploded from her mouth and tore like a gale into the display of flowers and hay. Her bonnet was thrown loose, her thick, dark hair swept free across her shoulders. No sooner had she sneezed, she felt herself rearing back in the throes of another one!

She was dimly aware that her mother was holding a handkerchief up to her mouth and nose, urging her to sneeze into it, but it would do no good. A towel may have been more use, but her mother’s lacy handkerchief was blown apart by Isabella’s sixth bellowing explosion. Once again, the church echoed with the terrific sound. The gust of her sneeze swept more pollen and dust into the air, wheeling in the amber light.

She knew that she had to get out, and that she would not stop sneezing while she remained inside. As soon as she released a sneeze, another insidious itch would come creeping up inside her nostrils making her almost shriek with the intensity of the build-up.

Desperately she began to push past her brothers and sisters, trying to reach the end of the row from where she hoped to escape. She could barely see what she was doing, her eyes swam with allergic tears and the frantic hitching of her breath forced her eyes closed regularly as another sneeze threatened to erupt. She prayed she would get there in time.

She almost made it! Halfway down the aisle she suddenly realised that all was lost. The sneeze came barrelling through her, bending her so violently at the waist that she almost hit her forehead on her knees. Isabella’s ears rang, her lungs burned, the ferocity of the release shocking even her. She felt a redness burning on her cheeks, the tickle backing down enough for her to feel the embarrassment of a hundred pairs of eyes following the beautiful young woman with the unimaginably big sneezes. Sniffing mightily, she clamped her fingers around her tortured nose and fled through the wooden door to freedom.

The church sat in stunned silence for a moment. The vicar stood frozen, one hand resting on the Bible, the other clutching the crucifix around his neck.

‘As I was saying,’ he began, seemingly coming out of his reverie. ‘We are here to give thanks to...’

But he realised he did not have their attention. The congregation as a whole were all staring towards the door, through which – barely dulled by the thick walls – could be heard the most violent fit of rapid-fire sneezes imaginable.

The End.

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I really thought Isabella had a chance to keep these sneezes in until a more appropriate time. Oh well, pollen and worry will do that to you. Great work as always NOV

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Whoa... mmm... lovely as ever! :drool:

And I LOVE your descriptions of the pollen in the air... the very description of flourishing greenery never fails to cheer me up. ;)

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Great story! Just one minor nitpick - a petticoat is an underskirt.

heh.gif Cheers for the heads up - womens clothing has never been my strong suit biggrin.png

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