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"I guess it's your chips now..." [Self, M]


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So, I just returned from eating dinner with my brother, we ate taco with nacho-chips, YUMMY!

So, the bowl of chips was to the left of my plate so it was easy for us both to grab some.

Halfway through the dinner I felt an intense tickle with its origin in my right nostril, I thought my supernatural mentalblock could handle this.

And it could... For 10 minutes, then, the intense tickle started spreading to my left nostril too, and this is where I lost control! I tried to first gain control by manually flare my nostrils ever so slightly. Bad Idea, this just increased the tickle which made me now, unwillingly flare my nostrils even more.

Now the tickle got so bad that I lost control of my breathing which caused it to hitch more and more.

I now thought to myself that I couldn't rescue the "titanic of sneezing" and I turned my head to avoid sneezing directly on my plate.

It was too late though, I turned my head slightly left. The sneeze came out halfway through the turning of my head so, *hheaaACHUH!* (the most powerfull sneeze I have ever felt) Right over the chips, all that was visible now was a nice mist of spray landing on the chips.

This made my brother go "Well, I guess it's your chips now MR sneezyface" To which I replied with a now slightly stuffy and evil laugh x)

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heheheheeee...i still would have eaten them ;-) or is that jsut me being disgusting?

Haha not disgusting at all ;) well, the spray was minor, so I ate them with a semi-evil face :D

lol owned. yay.gif

Indeed haha :D

Your evil ploy has succeeded! aaevil.gif


My noses evil plot* hahah ;):D

Love it!! Thanks for sharing!!

No problem, glad you liked it :)

"Mr. Sneezyface"! That's super cute. :)

haha :D

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