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Your children and the fetish?


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I would like to have kids some day, and I sometimes worry about what it will be like when they do or experience things that are related to my fetish. Will I have the same repulsion that I do with my other family members? How will I take care of my kids when they're sick, or communicate about that with other people (doctors, teachers, etc.)?

I've always assumed that when the time comes, my parental instincts will kick in, and I'll just be able to get over it enough to do whatever I have to do. But does anyone else worry about this?

Also, I'd especially like to hear from people here who have kids - was this ever a problem for you? Do you feel like you have obstacles to overcome as a parent with this fetish?

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Oh boy. Do I have experience. I have 3 kids, one who has pretty bad allergies. I can still remember the panic I felt about having to discuss sneezing at the allergist's. I'm not going to lie, there have definitely been some awkward fetish related moments but you just deal. One of the things I have a very hard time with is sneezing in books that I'm reading to my kids (both having to read the word and also making the fake sneezing sound) and let me tell you, this happens more often than you'd think. I'm not sure about parental instincts, but I definitely feel parental responsibility and love for my children---which means I do everything I can to make sure they are safe and well cared for. As far as taking care of them when sick, I haven't really had a problem with that, though I take measures to try to keep the germs from spreading (hand washing, sanitizing stuff). I don't think I'm repulsed by my kids' sneezing. I think I just kind of tune it out, make myself numb to it?

I'm not sure I'm helping here. I guess ultimately, it's like the fetish in all other areas of my life that it doesn't belong, I put it to the back of my mind and ignore it when I need to or when it's inappropriate.

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I have 2 kidlets and I work in elementary schools. I pretty much tune out kidlet sneezing- especially my own. One thing that I noticed though... :blushing: it took my daughter *forever* to correctly identify a sneeze- she would say that she had coughed. And I *ummmmm* may Not have jumped on correcting her :bag:

omg- the reading of stuff- I avoid that like the plague. If the character is sick I might have them cough. If I for some reason cannot escape- I mumble through it as quickly as I can.

I've had people ask about "what if your kidlet ends up having the fetish?" Short answer- I don't want to know. Theoretically I'd be ok. But.... no in depth convos. Oh... and if one wanted to join here.... ummmm.... I'd be GONE! Ok... I suppose that it would make it easy to check up on them- because I know the people around here and if I even got a *Hint* that someone was sharking on kidlet I'd be out with a virtual 2x4. :bleh: But... I still don't think that I could handle sharing this space.

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I've never considered having kids myself, the opposite actually, but kids sneezing in general; I rarely hear it at all. I'm not as repulsed as I am by family members, I just don't notice it. Unless it goes on and the kid is obviously sick; then I'd run for the hills to avoid the germs and I may be angry with their parents for letting their sick kids out and infect others, but that's it. :lol:

. bleh.gif But... I still don't think that I could handle sharing this space.

*shudders at the thought of having a parent or relative being a member of the same fetish forum* Ugh, no. That would not be very natural, I think.

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Thanks, everyone - this is really helpful!! What you're describing is basically what I expected. Except for the books - I forgot about that! pinch.gif I've even had a babysitting experience once with that kind of book; ugh, I must have repressed that memory! haha

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I've been wondering about this, too. I want children eventually, but I'm sort of terrified one or more of them will turn out to have allergies, and I just don't think I'd be very good with that. I might overmedicate them. :lol:

Nah, I'm really going by my reactions to sick or allergic family members here, and when it's a case of your own children it's probably entirely different from that. I do tend to either ignore sickness and allergies from family members or be almost rudely matter-of-fact about it. I just hope I wouldn't do that to my kiddehs. :)

Thanks so much for bringing this important issue to our attention!

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My kids have allergies, and (of course) get sick. No biggie. Doesn't even blip on the radar.

What IS kind of annoying those is when the incorporate sneezing into their games and I get to hea r "AH... AH... CHOO!" over and over for twenty minutes at at time.

This is 100x as bad if DW is around because she knows about my fetsih. Not that she think that it's turning me on or anything when they do that, I just find it uber uncomfortable.

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I also want to have kids someday, but I guess I don't really worry about it. With the kids I babysit, sometimes they have sneezing fits or I have to read books that involve sneezing. It's only somewhat awkward having to talk about it, but usually I can repress it and not care. Doing what you gotta do comes before that, and that's making sure the kids are well taken care of. I'm not saying it isn't awkward for some people, but obviously I'd rather just ignore those feelings and get it over with than stumbling over my words or making sneezing a bigger deal than it needs to be. I think it's mostly embarrassing if my sister and I are babysitting people at the same time and something on-topic arises (sorry sissy!). It always seems a little more prominent when you realize you and another person are thinking the same thing.

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This isn't something I've ever really thought about until I read this post, I don't think. I'd like to have kids someday, maybe one or two, and to be honest, I'm not worried about when they get sick or anything. I mostly ignore child sneezes, though they do make me a little uncomfortable from time to time. When people in my house are sick enough to actually rest, I figure that's like having a sick kid. My compassion levels go up significantly and I end up trying to take care of them more than I would otherwise, but I don't really think about the fetishy stuff at that point. I hope it'd be the same with a child, like after a point, I'd be desensitized to it, at least around them. But since I don't have the experience, I have no idea how I'd be with it, or what to really expect. I guess it's up to the individual.

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I don't want kids, but I do have 2 cats, one of which has sneeze-related issues. He has allergies I think and gets colds sometimes (although the other one doesn't ever catch them), and I have had to take him to the vet quite a few times for this problem and discuss the sneezing with the vet.

I find this absolutely fine, as it's not any sort of "fetish scenario"...I neither find or awkward or enjoyable. Thank god. lol. I switch off when I am in "mother" mode to my feline son.

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Hmmn... Well, I don't HAVE kids but I've actually thought about this a few times... Somehow I feel like the fetishy stuff wouldn't be a problem (aside from the fact that I might sometimes feel all jelous because the kid has what I don't have xD). To me v-words stuff would be the real issue since I don't like it at all (umn, to the point that I once ran away from my own home in the middle of the night because I heard someone doing it and I probably wouldn't have done anything but sat frozen there if I first hadn't called R.L)... I dunno. *shrug*

And talking about sneeze/cold/allergy related stuff? Well, it's always awkward but I've noticed that in certain situations it gets easier. For example I was at the hospital with someone I care for because they had an... asthma attack kind of thing? It resembled a lot an asthma attack anyway. Well, the doctor asked if they had had any other allergy symptoms and since this person didn't want to answer themselves I ended up answering for them... LoL. Okay, allergies aren't really my thing, but telling the doctor that "Yeah, a runny, itchy nose, sneezing, coughing" and so on..? Guh. xD but because of the situation it wasn't THAT awkward.

And being repulsed by the kids sneezing and so on? Your kid isn't the same thing to you (mentally, LoL) than your parents and possible other siblings... The bond is different (or rather you are "at the other end" of the bond, kind of) and a kid is always a kid. Yes, there might be certain... uncomfortable feeling at times, I suppose, especially in public places, but that as well depends on the person... Everything goes differently with different people. But yeah, I somehow feel like I wouldn't be repulsed by a kid if I had one and that the "talking to other people about the issue" -problem wouldn't really be that bad...

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Woah uhhuh.gif I never actually thought about this until the other day..... Im kinda worried now!

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This never actually worried me, until now D:

Im scared because I absolutely DESPISE family sneezes. And I dont know what to say if one of my children sneezes. I sort of dont want to say bless you, because I have enough trouble blessing people Im actually attracted to as it is!

I guess they'll grow up to be non-blessers.. unless my husband teaches it to them of course!

Im also scared about reading stories to them which involve sneezing. I will not, will NOT act out a sneeze (Ah I sound so horrible) Another job for the husband!

Im also terrified that my kids will find sneezing amusing, as most kids do (fetishist or not) and that they'll get me to act some fake sneezes out while playing games. I did that to my mum (WHYY!?)

I think I shall just dump all these jobs on my husband :P

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I have three kids and I never had a problem with their sneezes. It's like the fetish part of me "turns off" when it comes to them. But it just them. I'm still fascinated with other family members sneezes. I think it's a "mother thing" But who knows? :)

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