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Boyfriend sneezes while cuddling (long obs)


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I'm surprised I can even type this right now and haven't melted into a love puddle. drool.gif

Let me start off by introducing you to my boyfriend. We'll call him L. Stands at about 6 foot, a bit on the skinnier side (but that's how I like 'em wink.png), velvety brown hair that's always tousled up, deep brown eyes. His nose is larger than average at the tip, but it doesn't command his face. It's strong, yet cute at the same time.

L doesn't seem to have "allergies," but I've noticed (and he's mentioned) that a lot of different things make him sneeze. He's photic, for one, but he also tends to sneeze when he goes out into cold air, when his nose gets hit a certain way, when he encounters strong perfumey smells, and sometimes after drinking an alcoholic beverage.

So lets get to the story. Last night we went to a small party at my friend's house and had a few drinks. When we got home we were both pretty exhausted, so we crawled straight into bed and starting spooning. I was the little spoon happy.png. His arm draped around my waist and he held my hand. I relaxed into his breath on my skin, and sometimes his nose would brush against my neck through my hair. We chatted quietly for a little bit, but the conversation drifted off the sleepier we got. I was on the brink of falling asleep when I heard him give a soft sniff. Naturally, I was wide awake not a second later, wondering if I should be so lucky. I waited a moment, listening to his breathing, which wasn't quite steady, so I assumed he was still awake. After a brief pause, he sniffed shortly again, but this time a little deeper. Then he started to pull his arm away.

With cat-like reflexes, I clutched his hand tight and kept it secure on my waist. "Sorry, you can't leave me," I teased.

He gave a short laugh, but then spoke quickly. "I'm not, I have to sneeze."

He tried to pull his arm back again so he could cover, but I refused to give it to him. It was so funny because I'm sure he could have easily tugged his arm away, but he's too polite to be forceful. "Not a good enough excuse," I said.

He squirmed a little bit and I could tell the sneeze was building. "I'm serious, I don't want to sneeze on you!" He said in a cute panicky voice.

"I don't mind if you do, I'd rather you sneeze on me than let me go."

"Gahhhh," he whined in frustration, still not assured by my permission. He didn't have a choice in the matter though aaevil.gif . I could feel his abdomen tighten as he tried to fight it off, and he pressed his nose into my shoulder blade to smother it. Meanwhile, I prayed to the sneeze gods that this was a battle he'd lose.

Then his breath hitched, and he stifled into my back. "heh-NGXT!" A few seconds later, his breath hitched again with another stifle, though this time a little less successful. "Heh-NGXTchhh!" This pattern repeated, with about five seconds between each sneeze. And each consecutive time the sneeze escaped a little more, his stifles failing. "Heh-NGTchh!" ... "HUH-mmpchew!" ... "heh...HEH-NGXTCHhoo!"

He let out a little breath, but kept his forehead pressed into my shoulders. A longer moment passed, and it seemed like he might have been holding his breath. Perhaps he thought it was over. Perhaps he thought he had won.

Then it snuck up on him. Before he could even think about stifling, he erupted with three full sneezes, in a quicker succession than the others. "ISSHHOOO!!! .. Hih-isshew!! .. Hashooo!" There was no spray, but the explosive breath of each one hit the bare skin of my back and neck.

"Ugghh," he groaned as I blessed him. "I'm so sorry," he said, chagrined, and he hung his head against my shoulder apologetically. "You should have given me my hand!"

"Don't be sorry. It felt nice."

He laughed. "What?"

Now it was my turn to be embarrassed. "Okay, so, I dunno, I like it when you sneeze. It gives me butterflies and kind of turns me on please don't think I'm weird."

It took a moment for him to process this, probably thinking I was joking. Then he laughed again and stroked my hand with his thumb. "Of course I think you're a weirdo, but that's why I love you." wub.png And he kissed my neck.

We started drifting back to sleep, with some intermittent sleepy talk. Then suddenly, I was surprised with a tickle in my own nose, just in time to use my free hand to cover a single "HetCHhhieww!!" My body lurched down and I still don't know if my sneeze hit his hand our not! blush.png But again, he just gave that wonderful chuckle of his.

"Bless you," he said. "Ya know you have some pretty cute sneezes yourself."

I was glad he couldn't see how badly I was blushing. "Thank you."

So pretty much, best night of my life. Jumpy.gif And I guess he kind of knows about the fetish now? I don't want to explicitly tell him about it, because I like to secretly enjoy his sneezes.

Thanks for making it through the long obs! Hope you enjoyed almost as much as I did!

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That's wonderful alias! I love hearing about these fetish confessions that are so casual and natural....and not really confessions at all. I would love being in a situation where it just came out like that. Congratulations! :)

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Awww :wub: that is so, so sweet. You handled that very cleverly! "Kind of" knowing is a good thing. He can choose to do something with it now if he likes, and even if he doesn't, you can be as secret or not-so-secret if you like. Way to go!

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Oh wow! I did really enjoy reading this! What a perfect situation to say something to him, without completely giving it all away, I think!

And gosh, how cute!! I love the way you both interact with each other! And the feeling of him sneezing on you, to die for!!! You wrote it so well! Thanks for sharing.

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Oh god. this is like the best ob i have read in a while.

you lucky girl :D

*is SUPER jealous*

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This is the sweetest and cutest obs ever :wub: It's like my dream situation. Thank you for sharing it with us and you are so lucky :)

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Oh my goodness. Ok first of all fics and obs are not really my thing, I can't get into them. HOLY GOD!! That was epic!! Probably one of if not the best obs I have ever read! I loved it! You're SO LUCKY!! I'm so jealous right now but happy for you at the same time! I think I'm going to re read it now. Plus it's good to know that he's cool with the whole enjoying his sneezes thing. :D

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first, I have to tell you, this is like a really well-written obs. o v o made me squee

and second, do you write? cause I think you'd be really good at writing ;D

just saying.

cause y'know, we all love good writing.

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first, I have to tell you, this is like a really well-written obs. o v o made me squee and second, do you write? cause I think you'd be really good at writing ;D just saying. cause y'know, we all love good writing.

Thank you Emily! And thanks to all of you as well, I'm glad you liked it! :D

And yes, I do write. :) It really means a lot to me that you mention that, because writing is very important to me and I've felt like I've been going through a dry spell lately. So thank you for encouraging me!

I've never written a sneezefic before, but I've certainly thought about it. Perhaps once my final exams are over next week I'll indulge in a little writing exercise...

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Oh man, seriously?? That was one of the cutest obs I've ever read! It sounds like you two have an adorable relationship. I certainly hope you have many more moments like this to come!

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Sounds reaaaally good.

And "Not a good enough excuse" is quite a witty sentence; it doesn't show any fetishy ideas and still lets you to listen and watch w00t.gif

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This is amazing!!!! Lucky girl! I hope I have a night like that someday!wubsmiley.gif This story seriously made me die inside! sweatdrop.gif

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I. AM. SO. JEALOUS. You lucky girl!! Sounds like quite an amazing experience! Thanks for sharing :)

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Oh my goodness, snuggly sneezes are the best. THE BEST. Man, there isn't much I wouldn't give to live out your obs, you lucky lucky girl. So cuuute proud.gif

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