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Morning sneezes from suitemate


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My suitemate always sneezes in multiples, more commonly in the morning. I usually don't find them that attractive because they sound a lot like coughs instead of sneezes, but this morning was a bit different.

When I was headed to the restroom this morning to get ready to go to class, I heard her in her room studying history and talking to herself, "ok, so after him wa..wa-was kesch!! Ha-kesch! Kennedy, and then ha..huh..mmm Johnson and th-the ha-kesch! HAKETCHoo! *sniff*... the civil ri-rights...shit..the civil rights act. Th-then haketch! kesch! Ketch! ha...ha..ha-HAKETch! sh-sh-sh...HAketch-uh! Shit...bless me.

I was hiding in our bathroom, trying to do my mascara properly with her talking and sneezing uncontrollably mid-sentence in the room next door...the whole talking and sneezing bit was just :drool:

sorry if this obs isn't good. It's my first one

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I particularly like it when someone says "bless me" if there's nobody there to say bless you to them. Very hot...love this observation. Also agree with NoV...talking through sneezes is also fantastically hot. Great first post...keep them coming. Thanks.

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Yes, it was quite good indeed, especially for a first one! Nice work. Lovely how you recorded exactly how she was talk-sneezing, or sneeze-talking, or either, but anyway, HOT. Yes. :yes: Thank you! A good read :)

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