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Telling my bf about my Fetish


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Hey Everyone,

So I just posted in the general discussion area about how I finally told my boyfriend about my sneezing fetish. Things went sooo incredibly well! And the aftermaths were even better!! So, I told him in the morning and after the discussion, things picked up rather quickly as we began to well.......ya kno...and he induced for me! He sneezed about 4 times. Each time, it was loud, and extremely wet..That night, we drove back up to school and things got going again....This time while we were fooling around, I asked him if he would take the nose spray that I have. My nose spray is very powerful and ALWAYS gets him to sneeze like crazy...Being the amazing boyfriend that he is, he did for me. However, it was not getting the effects that were desiered. So, he sniffed a bit of pepper for me......did i mention how amazing he is?! Well, lets just sayyy I was in HEAVEN. He had a huge sneezing fit of about 15!!! Some of his sneezes were rapid fire one after the other, which he let loose like esssshoooo (very wettt)...MELTTTTT....some of his other sneezes sounded like coughs (not so wet and not all of my favorite, but HEY who is going to complain lol).....all in all, I think telling my bf about my fetish worked out amazing!! Sorry, sort of a short obs!

- JJ

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Congratulations...a sneeze fetishists dream come true, to have your partner join in the action. Can't beat that...good for you and have lots of fun, and keep posting. By the way, do you return the favor for him??? Thanks.

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