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iPhone 4S or Samsung Galaxy s2 x ?


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I'm about to get a new phone.. and I really can not decide between the iphone or the galaxy. I know I definitely want either one of those two though.

I made a pro and cons list for both- and they ended up having the EXACT same amount of pros and the EXACT same amount of cons! So now I'm stuck.

Does any body own either one of these phones, or can anyone tell me which one I probably should buy?


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I have the the Iphone 4s and I'm happy with it. It all depends on what you're looking for. I'm assuming the Galaxy is an android phone, in which case the Galaxy is good if you like to customize your user interface (the way the screen and icons appear). Android is very open and easy to customize vs the iphone which you can't really change too much without resorting to deep level hacking. Now if you're just looking for something that's easy to use and learn, then Iphone is definitely the better choice. I like mine because it uses the Ipod interface for music (which I already knew), and the rest is pretty straight forward. Plus all your downloads go through your itunes account so it's easy to keep track of everything.

So to sum it up, are you pretty tech-savvy and do you want to be able to customize every aspect of your phone? Then go with the Galaxy. But if you just want something that's simple and user-friendly, then go for the Iphone. Hope this helps you.

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I also have an iPhone 4s, and I love it!!! For me I was deciding between the Droid Razr and iPhobe, and really glad I ended up with the iPhone. It's very user friendly. It is personal preference, I guess, but I had a few friends steer me towards the iPhone and I'm totally happy with it.

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I have an iPhone 4 (just haven't upgraded to the 4s yet) and I love my phone. I would agree with Heavy-Chevy, It really does depend on how much customization and tweaking you want to do. I love the iPhone system, interface, the whole thing. One of my really close friends doesn't like some stuff about the iPhone and bought a galaxy recently. She loves phone, and I love mine. We actually have debates sometimes over which phone is better. It's all about your personal preference :D I would suggest messing with someone else's iPhone 4s, and, if there are features you don't like and really really want to change, buy the galaxy.

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I think Im going to go for the iphone :) I already like the way the screen and icons appear.. so it doesnt matter if I cant change it.

Thanks C:

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