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Powerful sneezer in my language class


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There is a girl that sits behind me in my language class who I am really going to miss. She has this bubbly, loud personality and she is just fun to have around (and her sneezes are amazing :o ) For those of you who like Physical descriptions, she has long blondish-brown hair that is almost always pulled back into a ponytail, bright blue eyes, and a fairly large nose. She is tall and athletic slender (like a runner).

Yesterday, in the middle of class, she burst out her typical double, each sneeze being very feminine, loud, wet-sounding, and powerful enough to bend her over, HupISSCHEEEWW!...3 second pause....HapITTCHHEEEW! follow by a sigh. This was totally normal, but the fact that the same exact thing happened 4 more times in one class session was an unusual bonus :D After the 3rd set of sneezes, I started having trouble focusing on what the professor was talking about, plus he kept pausing to bless her (which only made it better!) After her last equally amazing double, she actually said, "Sorry my sneezes are so obnoxiously loud. I swear I'm trying to make them quieter but it's not working. Sorry guys."

I was exploding inside!.,.I would put that awesome explosion smiley here if I could find it....

Sadly, that was the last class session of the semester and I think the girl is graduating, so I won't be seeing her anymore

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Wonderful obs! I always hated that type of situation myself, y'know? It's like you're in class, trying to concentrate and then you're hit with a lovely fanfare of sneezes from the most amazing sneezer in the class. The blessings and her apologizing for the sneezes is a nice plus, too! ;P

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Absolutely love it when girls actually apologise for the loudness of their sneezes, as it means they literally can do nothing to control the volume :D If I were in that class I would most likely fail - how's a man supposed to concentrate with sneezes like that going on? ;)

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Superb obs! I'd be frustrated if she sat BEHIND me though. I'd want to be moving seats :P

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Superb obs! I'd be frustrated if she sat BEHIND me though. I'd want to be moving seats tonguesmiley.gif

haha! Even though she sits behind me, I still get to actually see her sneeze sometimes when we are doing group activities. That's one thing I have loved about that class is we are always in small groups doing stuff :)

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What a lovely obs! And that detailed apology works both ways, because either she really can't moderate her lovely desperate sneezes, or she isn't really trying and is just making an excuse!

Obnoxious, eh? We've heard this before, and I wonder if it has some special meaning in America. It is always used to describe sneezes? I wonder why.

And welcome to the forum.

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A great observation. Though it's been a while, I do remember similar situations in college where you really can't concentrate because of some wonderful female sneezing...I agree also that it would be better to be sitting behind this person...better view. Good observation...thanks for posting. By the way...here's the explosion smiley guy.


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