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It's a cold allright (F)


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Ok. So I might just as well write a self-obs.

I have a cold. Earlier today when I left to see my family, I still would have called it a “budding head cold”. It was the most unpleasant couple of hours, sitting there drinking coffee and chatting while trying my damnest to not to sniffle or sneeze, as I would rather stab myself in the eye than take a comment about it from my parents. As uncomfortable as it was, I still managed somehow, and my way home, my brother giving me a lift. Though near the end of it I was one of those pitiful people breathing carefully through my mouth and avoiding words with n's and m's in them. Practically the moment I got home, still wearing my shoes, I sneezed a slow, wet double. (In case you're interested, I also sneezed once while typing this paragraph, spraying my, well, decolte area and such).

You know the feeling when you really want to hide that you're getting a cold, and when you're finally home alone and can be as audibly sick as you want... and then in just a few moments start feeling like crap? That's what happened to me. Within the first hour at home, I sneezed 3 times (in addition to the initial double). I had to go grocery shopping to the store downstairs and buy some tissues too, as my nose is running quite badly. I have lost count with sneezes after that though, but I can tell they are numerous, violent and spraying. Oh, I've also sneezed a triple this night, fancy that! I never sneeze in triples, rarely even in doubles, but I've had 2 of those tonight too.

It's still not yet that bad, I am not feeling that congested yet although all the signs point to a rather unpleasant day tomorrow. I'm feeling really tired but not ready for bed, and need to come up with something else to do than sneezing, blowing my drippy nose, and feeling sorry for myself. And just as a sidenote, I had a major, eye-watering false-start while writing this paragraph.

I will let you know where this goes. But so far: cold 1, Pig 0, and the cold has the initiative.

Had to add: sneezed 2 times while reading this through to correct the major typos. I kid you not. And no, this doesn't usually happen to me. And yes, I would really fancy a cup of tea right now, but can't be arsed to clean the teapot.

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I hope you feel better and enjoy your cold! Clean the teapot, it's sooo worth it (I've got a cold of my own and cleaned mine :D) Thanks for the obs!

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Ok, as I still can't sleep, I must report this one, because it might amuse someone.


1. sneezes

2. sniffles and blows

3. wets her paintbrush.... in the teacup



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I take it that "wets her paintbrush in the teacup" is some euphemism I don't understand. Well, it ought to be.

Anyway, triples! and sprayey to boot...! And I expect that they were powerful yet girly, with perhaps a hint of desperation and perhaps even some intermittent voicing.

May all your symptoms subside....except of course for the satisfaction of a really good triple....

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Oh... well if you are wetting your paintbrush in the teacup, I guess that you made yourself that tea after all. And then ruined it by turning it some interesting shade of..... well whatever colour you were using at the time.

Hmmmm.... I wonder what effect this will have on your painting. Might be nice to have that painting on the wall, knowing secretly what went on while it was being painted.

Anyway, I wish I could be there to look after you.... and watch you, listen to you, maybe catch it, and......

....better stop there!


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Aw thanks for sweet comments! wub.png Much appreciated.

Today I've been sneezing quite a lot through the day as well. They mostly come in singles but every now and then I get a double too, and indeed had another triple. How exceptional. I wonder if I've ever had such a sneezy, watery cold.

I've also been continuing with the painting (a rather boring one but it keeps me occupied), most of the time with a stack of tissues on my lap as my nose is dripping all over the place. There's certain almost poetic element about sneezing so much all over the painting, as I am doing it for the same friend who gave me this miserable cold (and apparently to her husband too – seems to be of quite contagious variety).

I have a bit temperature (like usual) and am soon out of tissues. Contemplating wether to drag myself to the grocery store to get more or use a toilet roll... not such an attractive idea as it stings a bit to blow already.

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Pig, wonderful posting, and bless you. Wish I were there as well to take care of you, but alas, we can only envision from afar. Many happy triples...would love to hear more. Bless you and take care of yourself...tomorrow might be a tougher day before you start getting better. Feel better!

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Pig, I hope you're feeling better by now. Thank you for the literary, insightful look at your battles with your symptoms.

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