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It... It happened.


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Okay so, umm... I, well-- ASGHQUFKL!! Omg! My brain isn't actually functioning right now! Holy... Mother of God!!!!

Alright, so I made a post several weeks ago about being afraid to see my english teacher sneeze, which I realised it was mainly because I was afraid as to how I would react. 

Link is here. Sorry if it doesn't work. 


But it happened. Today.

Holy moly, it was something. So I was at an after school session to revise English, I was helping setting up the tables, when the female intern was leaving- while blowing her nose (she didn't have any honk, it was silent btw). Anyway my teacher had the nerve to say, "Are you suffering?" 

And there was me with my 'WTF' face in full mode, while they were about how the fudgeload of rain has giving them colds. I kept thinking, "Shit, he better not be one of us, cause I'll have to blow my brains out... Etc." So there I was sinking into my chair, trying not to look into anyone's eyes, especially my teachers, and trying to get on with my work.

I kept thinking about what he might say to me if I caught a cold or something in one of his lessons. I really wouldn't be comfortable talking about it publicly (INFRONT OF THE WHOLE CLASS), especially since I couldn't just out right denying the fact, probably because it would be so obvious. I just kept thinking about how I would try and deal with that horrible situation...

About half way through the session, I had completely forgotten about the whole awkward comment thing and we were having a discussion about the themes in the novel we were reading; and my classmate and my teacher were talking as I was making notes.

My English teacher was talking about something, when his breath hitched mid-sentence. My heart dropped like a pebble in the ocean. My absolute worst fears had come true. My brain was like, "Don't you dare! Don't you even think about it! I'll stab you with... with my... --pen!!" Yet, no amount of brainpower could stop what was occuring infront of my eyes. He had turned away in his chair, pinching his nose with his forefinger and thumb- stifing it.

"Huh... ehNGkscht! -Ugh." His whole body shock from the force of it, giving a little congested "Excuse me." after it.

I died. I knew it. It felt like someone had walked over my grave, and my brain was beginning to dribble out my ears. All I could hear was a intense ringing and my inner voice crying, "Why? Oh dear god, WHY?!" I'm surprised I didn't smash my face into the table.

I couldn't look at him for the rest of the lesson. I just couldn't. And when I forced me to enter into the discussion, our eyes caught and my cheeks exploded into a red flush. It felt like I was an anime character; like when their heads pop, and they slowly float like a sheet of paper to the ground- it felt genuinely like that.

Thankfully I won't have to see him again until next week, so I can try and get over the shock of it, over the weekend.

Sorry about the long observation, I really needed to get it off my chest. And I feel like I can talk to you guys about anything.

Literally anything. :)

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YOU, MADAME, AND I ARE BIRDS OF A FEATHER. My math teacher sneezed today and I was taking a test and I was all HOLY MOTHERFATHER WHY IN THE MIDDLE OF A TEEEST? And I'd been wondering for a while now how he would sneeze and it was perfect. But it was during a test. And I'm failing math. And now I just failed another math test. :c I feel you bro. hope you get over the shock soon

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OMG something like this happened to me once its a living hell! great obs btw!

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Mmmmmmm..... cute male teacher sneeze.... drool.gif

Yeah, what she said. ;)

Although very sorry it made you all kinds of uncomfortable, AppleBlossom.

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Hi Appleblossom, I can totally understand the whole freaking out thing, my driving instructor who was super cute used to always have colds... every time he sneezed I'm pretty sure I turned bright red and looked like I wanted to sink right through my seat. Its even harder when they're sitting right next to you. Sometimes it is just way too awkward.

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Thanks for the support you guys!

It was really awkward, the fact that it was actually quite a hot stifle, made it both easier and yet harder to control myself. A part is like "Eww! That's your teacher!" and than the other half is like, "Yeah, but he has some awesome sneezes that I can kinda look forward to!" ... ;)

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