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Have You Ever Tried Not to Sneeze Because Someone Else Sneezed Before You?

Marshmallow Peep

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There's something that has been slightly bothering me for a while. Lately, just about everyone in my school (including me) has been sick and there's been plenty of sneeziness what with not only whatever cold has been zipping around but allergies as well... not such a bad thing at first; but lately, it seems that when someone sneezes and then I end up having to sneeze shortly after, I always get scared and try to stop it (it usually works... somewhat; it just gets stuck and burns worse than a failed s'more but it goes away eventually)

So, I was just curious if this has happened to anyone else...

That's pretty much it

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Yeah, I've had that happen. I'm a bit obsessed with not drawing attention to my sneezing, so I usually stifle them in public anyway, but it's worse when it follows someone else's sneeze.

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Lately I've felt a little bit the opposite. I want to break my absence of public sneezes with my friends, but I never seem to need to sneeze around them. So when one of them sneezes I get jealous and think "You stole my thunder!"

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