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Hi there!

I had a little time last weekend and I have began this little story here.

I hope you like it :)

Here's how I have imagined him while writing,

it's your choice whether to look at the picture or keep it all to your imagination.

Click me to see the sexy weather man

Anyway, I wish you a lot of fun!!

* No sneezing in this part, but there is sure a lot to come! *

The ringing of the bell signalled her that a new customer had entered the shop and was waiting for her.

"Coming," she called from the storage room and carefully stored the new delivery in the cupboards.

Wiping a strand of hair out of her face and tugging at her clothes, she adjusted herself and left the room. The man had made himself comfortable on one of the chairs that were standing nearby, he looked familiar, even though she couldn't quite say why.

"Hello," she smiled, "how can I help you?"

The dark-haired man faced her and answered,

"I have a problem with my new glasses, somehow I can't seem to see properly with them."

His voice was slightly hoarse as if he had been talking all day but was still somewhat pleasant to listen to.

"Oh, what a pity. Did you purchase them here or in another shop?"

She asked and watched him taking off his glasses.

Handing her the glasses he replied, "No, I bought them in some eye shop near the studio because I was in a rush. It was kind of impetuous of me, it was just that I lost my old other and I needed a fast substitute. It helped me out in that moment but I don't think it's a good substitute for my old one."

He coughed twice into his sleeve and cleared his throat quietly. '

Poor guy looks exhausted, he should take a break,' she thought taking in the dark circles below his eyes and the slightly pale colour of his skin.

"May I offer you anything to drink? Some coffee? Water?"

Surprised, he looked at her. "Oh, that's kind. Some water would be wonderful, my throat feels a little tight since this morning."

"No problem," she said, headed to the little fridge and took out a small bottle of water.

"Here you go," she said and handed him the cool water.

"Thank you." While he was drinking the water with small sips, she concentrated on his glasses. They looked somewhat cheap, probably they wouldn't even last a year by daily use.

After the shop assistant had studied the glasses carefully, she gave a sympathetic smile and answered, "To be honest, I guess this eye shop sold you a poor-quality product. I'm not sure if you really want to keep the frame and we just replace the glass or if you want a whole new frame with a new set of glasses. It's up to you."

She handed him the glasses back.

"Mm, that's almost what I expected you to say. Well, I'm having sort of a time problem right now because I'm supposed to leave in - oh darn- before 6 minutes! Is there a chance that I can return tomorrow and we'll discuss how to progress then?"

"Oh, sure thing. I'll reserve you a time if you want me to, then we'll have all the time you need."

The man looked relieved. "Yeah, that would be great. Let's say about 4 pm?" Nodding, she scribbled it down in her notebook.

"Alright, see you then. Have a nice day!"

He was about to leave when she noticed that she had forgotten something and called, "Wait, I need your name." Surprisingly, he turned around and offered her his hand.

"I'm sorry, I tend to forget a lot of things. My name is Jacob White."

Smiling sheepishly she answered, "Okay, Mr. White, it was a pleasure to meet you. We'll meet again tomorrow I guess." "For me too. See you tomorrow, then."

With these words he was gone and she finally realised who she had been talking to. Jacob White, one of the most popular weathermen in TV history.

With a silly smile across her face she accepted that she had fallen for him.

To be continued? Hopefully?

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awww sweety wub.png you posted it before you left!!!

by the way this is my 1000th post and of course i dedicate it to YOU!!! heart.gif

i hope you will continue this soon...i need some sneezy weather man!! drool.gifdrool.gif

love ya! hug.gif

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