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Disclosing the fetish to a friend


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I have a friend from my previous organisation from the past 2.5 years now. And we share our day to day activities via text messages ever since i left the organisation. Neither of us are in love with each other and he is happy for me and my husband and is in good terms with my husband as well. So one day we were chatting via email at work when we hit the topic of telling things about each other we never disclosed. So obviously i had only thing which i felt i could tell him. But i did not tell him what it was as of course it was an embarrassing thing for me to do. So i gave him all possible hints about the fetish i have and he came up with such fetishes which were much more weird and kind of disgusting too for me. But he just couldn't come up with sneezing. So then i told him there is a forum on the internet and he said there are so many forums. The last hint i gave him was to put Fetish Forum in Google and the first forum that would pop up would be my fetish. And that's how he realized my fetish and his reaction melted me. He told me that i was very lucky to be so unique to get turned on by a person sneezing in front of me. And that it was so easy to satisfy me. I used to be still very embarrassed as besides my husband he is the only soul on earth who knows i have this fetish. But he was so co-operative and has been very eager to know the details of my fetish. He also said that he feels he is unlucky that he doesn't have my fetish..

Anyways, a few weeks later i got the courage to ask him to sneeze for me. Though we have busy schedules and cannot meet each other, we talk on phone almost once every week after sharing the fetish and have even indulged in some sexual talks related to each other where he confessed he finds me very hot and beautiful. So on my request he agreed to sneeze for me over the phone. And he manages to induce with the rough peel of a coconut. He induces for me whenever i ask him to and though his sneezing is not really my type as they are very soft and small (just essh... issh)... the fact that i told him and he does it for me turns me on and when i listen to it i really wish i could see him sneeze as well and waiting when he would get a chance to record a video for me. Recently once i told him that i want to hear you sneezing for me in cupped hands and when i heard that it worked wonders as they sounded louder like (aaessssuuu, hu-usshoooo) and he sounded more helpless which was like icing on the cake for me. Also he is not much of a sneezer and goes for days without sneezing but when he induces his nose starts running after the first sneeze itself and sniffs furiously after every word he says which again is so hot.

I am so lucky to have a friend like him and even happy that i shared my fetish with him which brought me closer to him as a friend....

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