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Anyone watch Degrassi?


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So I seems I can't find anyone at all to discuss the show Degrassi with me. So If you do happen to like it, I can honestly go on for hours :D

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I liked the ones from the 80s and 90s. I still watch the new episodes but I keep meaning to take a closer look at the credits. Did they get new writers or something? Did they make a censorship deal with Nickelodeon? It's just not as hilarious and unpredictable and spicy as it has been in the past. I'm also not a huge fan of some of the new actors. But then again, I thought the actress who played Emma was terrible up until the 4th season. Maybe these new people who have very little connection to the previous generation (something else that sorta irks me) will get better.

I'm happy they're keeping principal Simpson, and I'm happy that they are still parodying themselves (Clare is Emma, Alli is Manny, etc.). I'm also extremely happy with their transgender character, Adam.

I'm bored with Eli. Sorry, I am. He's the parody of Craig, but Craig was way crazier, and I feel way more capable of self destruction. Eli has too many people around that have the time to watch out for him. Booooring. :laugh: Also, come on, Degrassi! Parents are supposed to be too busy to deal with this silly teenage drama. Now all of the sudden in this generation, they're here to help. No!

Yeah, I guess you could say I watch the show. :laugh:

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Yeah, I watch Degrassi! Kind of a guilty pleasure. I just watched the newest episode yesterday, in fact.

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Actually, I like that the parents are there to help. It makes the show seem more real and less forced-for-drama. And I can never be bored of Eli--just the storylines they come up with for him. I don't think he and Craig are anything alike. The only thing they have in common is being bipolar--come on, writers, come up with something more original! Never liked Adam. Interesting character, but he's just...selfish. Sometimes he can be funny, though. But seriously, Clare. Does anyone actually like her? Her personality is just...gross. :lol: If Adam's selfish, I don't know what Clare is, but it's scary at times.

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