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Ok so I owe you guys

havn't posted in forever

so here it goes

1. E

E is a shy tan brunette with gorgeous green eyes and a big nose. It was spanish and my seat is only a few behind hers but I was looking away :( heard it though. It was super desperate and itchy and almost painful sounding. "HRRRISSSHH"

2. A (favorite)

A is mixed (black and white) and freckles and big pretty brown eyes and is super attractive. Oh and she has a pretty sensitive nose :) So we were in english and she, along with like 3 other girls, were looking at something on her phone so they were all crowded around her. She does this whole breathy build up like shes trying to hold it in and then lets it out. I think she made an effort to stifle it but it didn't work at all. "Hiih... hiiih.... mmm... hiihhhhh... hiissshooo" She turned her head but since there were girls on both sides of her one of her friends got sprayed. Her friend did a girly little scream and A blushed and apologized.

3. B (As friend)

B is black and tiny and has kind of a big nose. Her sneezes were barely stifled and not even audible but her whole body shook as she stifled 3. "mmp. mmp. mmp" Then she sniffed a bit.

4. T

T is blonde and has blue eyes and she is really pretty all though she is kind of a bitch. I was sitting next to her in biology when she turns away and stifles a cute and girly "HIISHHH" while pinching her nose

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"Kind of a bitch"?

Hee, now I know how to definite 50% female population of my class :evil2:

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