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Do guys stifle sneezes when they're around girls they like?


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There's this guy who is known to sneeze openly and loudly when around others. However, I noticed that he stifled his sneezes when he was around me (with his hands over nose and mouth and no sound whatsoever). I like him and I think he may like me as well.

Do guys usually stifle sneezes around girls they like?

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Stifling instead of sneezing loudly is usually to avoid embarrassment. I would take into account the scenario - eg, are you in a cafe, where a loud sneeze would be disruptive? - and also whether or not he stifles in front of other girls. If it's just for you, and happens when you are alone, I'd say that is a good sign he likes you. ;)

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I agree with alias. Observe and see if he does that with others.

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