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Limited Usefulness

Summary: In the first episode of Brotherhood, it is a little MORE than implied that Roy caught a cold from fighting the Freezing Alchemist. Sadly, they did NOT touch on that an further. So I decided to help them out.

Disclaimer: Not mine! Never will be mine. They are very fun to play with, however.

A/N: A HUGE shout out to SFM^^ for helping me out with some of my hang ups about this fic, including, but not limited to my Roy-sneeze paranoia. I can safely say it would not be as good without her input!


There was a time and a place for a downpour of water. In a field, for example, when there had been a drought and the farmers were in dire need of said water. Or on a warm day when one had nothing to do and no particular place to go and a shower on hot skin would be nice. Or even when the night was chilly and all work was completed and the only thing left to do was go home, change into warm sleepwear and either brew a hot pot of coffee or go right to bed, to read or to sleep. If Roy had been soaked clean through during any of those times, he would have only found it to be a mild inconvenience. However, being drenched, half frozen, AND made to feel incompetent (and by a subordinate, no less) all in the same HOUR was not something Roy Mustang was equipped to endure on a regular basis.

“Sir,” Riza Hawkeye was tucking the case that held his spare gloves under the seat and starting the car. “We should probably get you into warm clothes. Actually, I think it would be best for all involved if you would simply return to the hotel, dry off and get some rest. They’d understand I’m sure. I could explain the situation at Head Quarters and…”

“No.” Mustang was putting his dry pair of gloves in his pocket and searching a vain for something to dry off on in the back seat. “I want to get this McDougal unpleasantness behind us as soon as I possibly can.” A shiver ran up his spine and he fought the urge to wrap his arms around himself. Instead he sat up straighter and looked at Riza in the rear view. “Take me back to HQ and go get some rest yourself, if you want. This is going to be one long, boring night of nothing but paperwork.” His voice was low and resigned, but there was a hint of something akin to annoyance in the tone as well.

“You know I won’t do that Sir. I need to be readily at hand.”

“Suit yourself, although I fail to see why I would need a body guard while I’m doing paperwork at the head quarters for the whole military. But I suppose I’m not going to…Hup-eht-chhuu!” Roy cut himself off by smothering the sneeze in his now ungloved hands.

Riza looked in the mirror and raised an eyebrow. “Are you feeling alright? Perhaps that little skirmish between you and the Freezing Alchemist gave you a cold.”

“Yes, people sneeze. Fullmetal is probably bitching about me again.” He looked out the window and sighed, not really looking forward to the long night ahead of him, but also not wanting to admit defeat, give in to his tired body and prove to Riza that she had been right. He had been completely useless that whole night. “I don’t have a cold.” He muttered under his breath.

“Yes Sir, perhaps your right. However, stranger things have happened.” Hawkeye pulled the car into the empty lot, finding a parking space close to the back of the building.

She opened the door and stiffened as Roy climbed out of the car. “At ease Lieutenant, I’m not going to require you to stand on formality when we aren’t even required to be here at this hour.”

Riza relaxed and followed him, glowering at the back of his head. *So why are we here? You should be at home trying to shake you not-cold before it turns into not-pneumonia.*

Mustang walked passed the front desk and flashed his authorization at the guard on duty before heading for the very spacious office that was his for his stay in Central. He unlocked the door and sat down at the desk, resting his chin on his fists. “Hawkeye, see if you can find me some fresh paper, and a towel if you can. I feel the water running down my collar still.”

Riza tilted her head slightly and closed her eyes. “Yes Sir. I’ll return shortly.” She turned smartly on her heel, squashing a surge of annoyance. “It’s not my place, it’s not my place…” Her teeth were set shut firmly and she only barely muttered the words, but she was not exactly pleased with her stubborn commanding officer.

Back in the office, Hawkeye’s words still ate at him. *”You’re completely useless in water, Sir”* “She didn’t even have the courtesy to say my POWERS were useless. That’s no way to talk to your C.O. anyway. It’s disrespectful.” He would never think about voicing these concerns to Riza, knowing that she would simply shrug and say something to the effect of “I’m sorry Sir, but sometimes being your body guard means saving you from yourself. Would you rather I lie and allow you to get yourself killed because of misplaced pride?” Yes, Roy decided in dismay, that would be exactly what she would say. And she would have a point, too. “She STILL could have worded it differently…” He groused, then brought his hand up to his face and took a sharp breath. “Heht-issh-uu! Eh-chhuunn!” Sniffling in a very undignified way, Roy rubbed at his nose in irritation.

“Sir?” Hawkeye chose that moment to push open the door and look at him with mildly accusing eyes. “Is Edward Elric still talking about you?” She set down a cup of hot coffee, a stack of fresh white paper and a towel on his desk. “I didn’t think he had that much interest in what you were doing.”

“I know what you think but I don’t have a cold. That’s ridiculous. How in the world would I have gotten one so quickly?”

The urge to smile almost won out against professionalism, but Riza, in the end, was professional to a fault. “Well, I very well could be wrong, you know more about alchemy than I do, after all.” She kept her face carefully neutral. “However, I’m assuming that the law of equivalent exchange which allows you to tolerate heat more than the average person would demand in exchange that you be more susceptible to cold.” It was just a theory, however Riza had seen signs in the past that the stoic colonel felt the chill a bit more keenly than most people. Signs that she would never point out and that he would never admit to. Such as keeping his heavy military issued overcoat draped around his shoulders when no one else seemed to bat an eyelash at the slight chill in the air, or the fact that he seemed to keep his hands in his pockets more than most people. However, these personality quirks alone were not enough to either confirm or deny Hawkeye’s suspicions.

Roy shook his head. “I seriously doubt that. It still wouldn’t explain how I would have caught cold so quickly if I have caught cold, which I haven’t. Hep-eh-cchhu!” He sneezed into his fist again, cursing inwardly.

Riza sighed in her most resigned way and took her place behind him. She wasn’t about to point out that he’d been seeming just a bit out of sorts for a little while now. He was more than likely feeling the climate changes between Central and East City, but after tonight it didn’t surprise her that he seemed to be coming down with something.

As the night progressed Roy had gone from periodically sneezing or clearing his throat with a bit more vigor than normal to sniffling quite a bit, the throat clearing had become an irritated cough, and he would sneeze every few minutes or so. When she was unable to contain her annoyance, Hawkeye spoke up. “Sir, do you happen to have a fresh handkerchief on you?”

“It’s soaked.” Came the clipped answer, followed by another, more pointed sniffle.

“Would you care to use mine for the time being?” She was already reaching into her pocket for the dry square of stiff white fabric, the question being strictly a formality. Tossing it on the desk, Hawkeye raised an eyebrow. “I haven’t used it since I washed it last.”

Roy shrugged and picked it up, blowing his nose. “Thanks.” He had to admit, it felt better than constantly sniffling. A shiver ran down his spine as his clothes had gone from drenched to clammy during the hours between the first fight with McDougal and sitting in his office. “Hawkeye?”


“Go back to the hotel and bring me a fresh uniform, will you? I can’t have the Fuhrer seeing me in a uniform that is wrinkled from water should he choose to stop by.”

“Yes Sir.” Hawkeye turned on her heel, raising an eyebrow as she looked back to see Roy working on yet another sheet of paper. The report he was writing on the happenings of the night was coming along quite well. “Of course, the one time he SHOULD be slacking off…” Hawkeye muttered to herself, shaking her head as she closed the door.

After finding a fresh uniform and zipping it up in a garment bag, Hawkeye returned to Head Quarters. The streets were closed for clean up, with the exception of authorized vehicles so her round trip was about half the time she had been expecting. Much to her surprise, the office was empty when she returned. She frowned, her hand instinctively going for her gun. “Sir? Colonel Mustang?” She tugged her pistol out of the holster and went to search for her commanding officer.

The door swung open and she pointed the gun to the intruder. Riza wasn’t sure if McDougal had any accomplices hidden away, but if anyone had followed them, she had left her sick boss alone, without protection and very vulnerable. If anything were to happen to him…

“Hawkeye?” Roy was drying his hair off with a towel and wearing a set of common blue training fatigues from the shower room. “What the hell is wrong with you?”

“Sir! You weren’t here. I thought…” She put her gun away and sighed.

Mustang’s face went from alarmed to almost gentle and he softened his voice just a bit. “Relax. Everything’s alright, I wasn‘t expecting you back so soon. It makes sense, with the road blocks and seeing what time it is, I suppose. I just went to take a shower. I felt sort of chilled still.” He turned away from her just in time to catch a quick volley of sneezes in the handkerchief. “Hep-isshhh! Heh-isshh-uuu! Eh-eh-chhuu! Excuse me.” He stalked back to the desk and picked up some of the papers, writing down his report again. After a few minutes, he sighed and set down his pen, meeting his subordinate’s steady gaze. “Hawkeye, it’s been a hell of a long night. Would you go get me some more coffee and yourself some tea, or whatever it is you drink to stay so focused, please? I have a feeling I’m not going to hear the end of this any time soon.” He rubbed his heavy eyes, sniffling softly.

“Yes Sir. Don’t go anywhere, alright.”

Taking her meaning to heart, Roy met her eyes, the expression in them very serious. “I’ll be here when you get back.” With that promise Roy turned back to his work, etching down everything that happened, including, much to his chagrin, Hawkeye’s firm reminder as they drove in the car, searching for McDougal, that he was useless under watery circumstances. *”It’s not just rain that makes you useless, Sir.”* Was her gentle yet pointed exact phrasing. USELESS! He hated that word more than an other word in the who dictionary. She had, of course, given him his gloves when he asked for a dry pair, and hung back as he settled the score with the Freezing Alchemist himself (or at least tried to have another go at him…) but her words were always churning in the back of his mind. *Useless, useless…* His very headache seemed to throb out those words more articulately than Hawkeye had, and THAT was saying something.

“Sir?” Hawkeye’s bland, patient expression didn’t change as she held out the cup of coffee to him. “If you’re tired I’m sure you could stay in the barracks tonight, or for the rest of the morning, I should say. It’s four am now. With the clean up crew out, they should be relatively empty. You should be able to get a few hours’ rest, at any rate.”

“Doe, I’b fide.” He fumbled for the handkerchief and blew his nose forcefully. “Sorry, I’m fine. Thank you, Lieutenant.” He took the coffee and inhaled the steam, closing his eyes.

“I only suggested that because I was standing there for almost a full minute before you noticed me. You seem rather sleepy.”

“Sleepy? My second least favorite word in the world…”

“Excuse me Sir?” Riza looked at him, understandably confused.

“Never mind, just something I was thinking about earlier. If I could ask one more thing of you for now, Hawkeye?”

“Anything you need.”

“Could you find some more handkerchiefs for me, please? I don’t see this one lasting the night.”

“Yes Sir.” She folded her arms behind her back and turned to leave once again. If it had occurred to her to wonder why Roy didn’t make a list of all he would need and send her just once, she didn’t say anything, even to herself.

Handkerchiefs, as well as anything with the exception of hot coffee from the ever full pot in the common room, were hard to find at this hour. Riza finally ended up swallowing her pride and heading to the front desk, where it was being watched by a young, exceptionally bored looking private. A wave of irritation washed over Hawkeye when the young man (well, boy, really) didn’t even bother looking up when she approached the desk. “Private, was there some holiday that I was not made aware of?”

The boy sat up, looking very startled. “Oh, Lieutenant, Sir. Er, Ma‘am.” He jerked himself into a straight position and saluted her.

“At ease.” Her eyes were cold and hard as she stared him down, wondering if she should bother with writing him up or not. She finally decided not to worry about it, as she had more pressing matters at hand. “I need any clean handkerchiefs you have, Private. If you would be so kind.”

“Yes Ma’am!” He left the desk and came back with two. “Sorry, this was all I had. Anything else?”

“You do realize that failing at a look out position is a very serious offence, do you not?”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“See to it that it does not happen again.” Taking the fabric squares from him, Riza turned on her heel sharply, heading back to the office at a brisk pace. “Sir, I’m sorry, I could only find two.”

She hung back as Roy sneezed into his hand, but he waved her in. “Thadk…Heh-isshhh-SHUU! Hept-isshh-chhhaa! Heh… Heh… ISHHoo!” The sneezes finally finished, the last one sounding as if it had been forcefully dragged out of him, Roy blew his nose into the tired looking handkerchief that Riza was certain she didn’t want back. “Thank you, Hawkeye. I’ll figure something out later.”


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Uwaaaaaaah!!!!!!~! You posted it!! mf_laughbounce2.gifmf_laughbounce2.gifmf_laughbounce2.gif GAAH you seriously have NO IDEA how much I LOVE this fic, even though I've already fangirled to high heaven to you about it!!! wub.png And you're so sweet to give me a shout-out! *hugs* This story is fantastic, I'm just glad I was able to be a little part of its creation! ^^ Seriously, I have such a soft spot for this episode anyway bc it's what made me fall in love with Roy... and I've seen a couple attempted versions of this line of thought (him getting sick after the Freezer incident) and semi-imagined my own.... but yours is BY INFINITELY FAR my favorite!!! yes.gifbiggrin.png I hope you are able to post the rest soon XDD but in the meantime I shall go and nom on this half again. XD


I think we're starting a trend on here... XDDD FMA is such a wonderful wonderful fandom to play in!! happy.png

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You should be at home trying to shake you not-cold before it turns into not-pneumonia.*
:lol: Good one! Another really well-written story, about a fandom I still know nothing about. Maybe it's about time I catch up on this so I can make useful comments, too... ;) Still a really good story, however. :D
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YAY!!!! I'm glad you all like it so far! Thank you!

So here's chapter 2 (Final Chapter)


Riza looked out the window, where the sun was just starting to come up. The sunrise was a truly beautiful pink and orange and she couldn’t help but comment on it. “It’s going to be a lovely day, Sir. Are you sure you want to spend it cooped up in an office?”

Roy eyed her warily, reading through her as easily as if she were made of glass. “Rather than cooped up in a hotel room? Yes, I’m sure, thank you Hawkeye.” He reached for his coffee cup and sighed when he found it to be empty once again. “Hawkeye…”

“I’m on it, Sir.” Hawkeye turned to leave the office, coffee mug in hand. It was a large one that she had given Roy for his birthday a couple years back. She had gotten very sick of him using the need for more coffee as yet another excuse to not do his work. “I’ll be back.”

As she was walking down the hall to the common room when she passed the now open cafeteria. The growling from her stomach reminded Riza that she hadn’t eaten anything since early last evening. *I suppose Colonel Mustang won’t die from lack of coffee if I just grab a quick bite before I come back.*

She got in line behind two sergeants who were too busy with the latest military gossip to pay any attention to her. “Did you hear about what happened last night?”

“Hear about it? I was there, remember. So were you. So were the whole barracks. We all had to clean up his mess. In fact, I’d say just about the only ones who weren’t there was our illustrious Young Colonel Mustang and his pets.”

“Typical. We get stuck cleaning up after him and he gets all the glory. Can you believe he’s actually getting credit for taking that guy down? Single-handedly no less?”

“I know. I heard he wasn’t even THERE when Fuhrer-President King Bradley took McDougal down.”

“So he doesn’t even have to show now? He can just frickin’ exist and he gets all the credit? Lucky bastard. What can I do to get a cushy position like that?”

“Lick a LOT of boots, I think.” The two men laughed as Riza clenched her teeth. Years training taught her that eavesdroppers often learned very pertinent information, but the doggedly loyal part in her wanted nothing more than to tell the two soldiers to watch what they say about a superior, whether they wanted him to be over them or not. The more practical side of her won out and she frowned to herself, wondering why in the world Bradley was telling everyone that Roy took down McDougal. More importantly, did Mustang know that he was supposed to take credit for it?

When her turn in line came, she ordered a bacon egg and cheese sandwich to go. It was something she could eat on the way back to the office and standing at her post. As she took the sandwich out of the cafeteria she passed the long table where the two men were sitting. After getting a good look at both of them, she understood the jealousy. They were at least ten years older than Mustang and their faces had a softness about them that Roy’s hadn’t had since he had “teen” in his age. “Gentlemen.” Her voice was low but very cold and hard. “A word of advice. The next time you have complaints about a commanding officer, either keep them to yourselves or talk about them somewhere more private than the mess hall.” She walked away with a smirk that Mustang would be downright proud of playing on her lips.

“Colonel, sorry it took me so long, I was…”

A hand both hushed her and waved her in at the same time. Any questions that she might have had about if Roy knew he was supposed to be taking the credit for the fall of the Freezing Alchemist were answered when Mustang turned up the volume on his desk radio. “And we all owe Colonel Roy Mustang a debt of gratitude for his brave efforts. He risked his own safety to stop Isaac McDougal’s terror. Remember this when you see him next…

Roy turned off the radio with a loud click. “What do you suppose his angle is, Hawkeye? Why didn’t he just tell everyone he did it?”

“I don’t know, Sir. It certainly hasn’t made you any more allies.” She gave him a brief report about the men standing in front of her in the mess hall.

“You think this is what he wants? I don’t get it. What’s the agenda here…?” He sniffled to himself and touched his aching forehead.

“I wish I could tell you.” She set the mug down and took a bite of her sandwich. “I know that you think better after a full night’s rest…”

“Forget it. There’s no way I’m leaving now. I need to know what’s going on.”

“Alright. At least go put on your real uniform, then. If Fuehrer-President King Bradley were to come in and see you like this…”

“If he were going to come talk to me he would have done it before he made the announcement. I don’t think I need to worry about that.” He stood up and reached for the garment bag. “Still, it’s best to be prepared, I suppose. Besides, I feel almost undressed in this.” He gestured to the work out fatigues he’d been wearing ever since his shower. “I’ll be back in a bit, Hawkeye.”

“Yes Sir.” As much as she hated to admit it, it was good to be able to relax and finish her sandwich while Mustang went to change. The empty office also gave her time to think about the happenings of the night before and what repercussions might be in store for Mustang and his close group of subordinates as a result.

“Hehp-eh-shhoo! Heh-Isshh! Heh-heh-ISSSsshhh!”

Three harsh, tired-sounding sneezes told Riza that Roy was outside the door before he came in. “Hawkeye?” The door opened and Mustang came in, straightening his light-weight jacket and he made his way to the desk. “Go over these reports for me and tell me if I left anything of importance out. I want the higher-ups to know what really happened.”

“It doesn’t matter what you say if Bradley says something else, Sir.” She took the papers from him any and flipped through them, not expecting to disagree with anything he’d written.

“Yes, but as a way of covering my own ass, I want some verification.”

“Of course, Sir.” She took a seat at a smaller desk near his and was about to start the seemingly pointless chore of reading a report that was simply going to be proven false when a loud, cheerful knock sounded on the door.

“Get that for me, will you, Lieutenant?” He sat up straight and sniffled quietly, his nose tickling him in an almost unbearable way.

Hawkeye answered the brisk tap on the heavy door and Roy picked that exact moment to sneeze into his already waiting fists.

Hep-chhoo!” It was almost totally unexpected, but he was too tired to really try to stop it anyway.

“Oooh, is that a cold I hear?”

*Oh good, the pest has returned and he’s going to comment on my health. Maybe try to send me home too, like Hawkeye has been all morning.* Much to Roy’s surprise, Hughes brushed off the sneeze in an almost offensively chipper way and started to offer his congratulations for something Mustang hadn’t even done.

When his lecture about taking credit even where credit wasn’t due was over, Hughes’ eyes skipped from Hawkeye’s nonplussed countenance back to Mustang’s carefully practiced unreadable expression. With all the deftness of a father with a young, squirmy child, Maes was closer to Roy’s desk and his hand was slipped under the black bangs.

“Hughes, what the hell?!” Roy pulled away giving his friend a death glare, then turned away, bringing a wrist up to his face. “Hehp-Isshhchhoo! Heh-isshhoo!”

“You have a fever. Go back to your hotel room.” Hughes looked at Riza firmly. It may have been a suggestion for Roy, but Hughes knew who could ultimately make him see reason.

“I don’t have a fever. Get out and let me get some work done. And go get your own work done for once!”

Hughes looked at the empty desk top, then shrugged easily. “Whatever you say. But when you do decide to come to your senses, get all the rest you can, will you.”

“Don’t you have someone else to ann…ann... HEH-Isshhchoo! Hehp-eh-chhoo!” He sneezed into his fist twice, then followed it with a fluid sniffle. “Just leave, Hughes.”

Hawkeye walked Hughes to the door and turned back. “I’m going to get you some more coffee Sir. I think you could use some.”

“Thank you Lieutenant.” The strain in his voice was unmistakable, but Hawkeye chose to ignore it.

She stepped out of the office with Hughes and Hughes sighed. “I know he’s stubborn but holy sh… I mean good grief.” He smiled in spite of himself. “Gracia’s been after me to watch my language eve since my little one has been copying every word I say. She’s so smart.”

“Sir… about Colonel Mustang…”

“Oh, yes, sorry. Anyway, anyone with half an eye can see that he’s not feeling well. What is he trying to prove?”

Riza sighed and started to fill the coffee mug and pocket a few rough brown napkins, knowing that the handkerchief supply was about to run out. She looked down into the dark liquid. “That he’s not useless.” She muttered, something akin to guilt washing over her as she helped herself to a few of the condiments, mostly in a effort to keep her hands busy.


Riza looked up and shook her head. “It’s nothing. He can just be so stubborn sometimes. I don’t know how to convince him to take it easy.” She met his eyes, then stirred the coffee in her hand, even though Roy took his coffee black with no sugar.

With the cup of strong black coffee in one hand and a cup of herbal tea in the other, Hawkeye carefully worked the door to Mustang’s office open. “I‘m back, Sir. Although if you don‘t mind my saying so I think you should…” A soft, congested snore cut her off completely. Shaking her head, Riza walked slowly to the desk to take stock of the situation. She set the hot liquids down on the corner of the desk and gazed down at the sleeping Colonel. He hadn’t even stirred when she opened the door and talked to him, that proved to her exactly how exhausted he was. His head was pillowed on his arms and tilted so that she could see his flushed cheek and reddened, raw looking nose. “I’ve told you so many times, Colonel…” Her voice was low as she reached down to rest a hand (roughened by spending countless hours cleaning guns with harsh chemicals) on his forehead, “you really need to know your limits.” She pushed back the sweaty bangs and sighed. Unlike Hughes, Hawkeye didn’t have the practice of knowing when someone was running a high fever just by feeling their forehead, that, she was sure, only came from years of being a committed to one‘s family. However, she did know when someone was way too warm to be normal.

It was the cool feminine touch that woke Roy in the end. He moved into the touch and opened his eyes very slowly. “Riz… Hawkeye?” Sitting up, Mustang worked the kinks out of his neck and winced. He really needed to stop falling asleep in odd places. “What time is it?”

Riza chose to overlook the slip of the tongue and quirked an almost-smile. “Judging by the way you look, sound and feel, Sir, I would say it was time to get you back to the hotel. If you have any objections, you may feel free to voice them as I drive you there.”

Roy rubbed at his nose with a tired-looking handkerchief. “Did Hughes put you up to this?”

“No Sir.”

“In that case.” Pushing himself to his feet, “Hehp-isshhhoo! Heh-eh-chhuu! Heh-eh-Iissshh! Heh-isshhhchhoo!“ Roy smothered the sneezes into his fist before sniffling and looking down at her. “Lead the way.” It was the closest Mustang would ever come to admitting his limited usefulness under certain circumstances, and Riza would be the only one he would ever admit it to.

“Yes Sir. I’ll call the office when we get there and tell them that you will not be returning today.” She stopped in her tracks when Roy sneezed again, turned around and handed him a napkin, hoping the she would have better luck obtaining handkerchiefs at the hotel. “Make that a few days. God knows you have enough sick leave stored up. It’s time you started using it.” Roy opened his mouth to reply, then closed it as Riza started to walk away. His shoulders slumped as it dawned on him that he had nothing to say to that. “Do you need me to slow down for you, Sir?”

“I’m coming, I’m coming.” He stuffed his hands in his pockets and trudged behind her. Then he turned his face into his shoulder. “Hehp-eh-chhuu!”


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GAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!! SO MUCH LOVE~!!!! *flails with joy* happy.png Seriously, I don't think I can think of anything more that I can say.... other than I wub.png this fic and i wub.png your writing!! mf_laughbounce2.gif But yeah - you write absolutely lovely fet fluff (Roy.....! drool.gif .... XDD) AND you have the characters and flavor of the canon material completely down! I'm so glad that you love this fandom enough to apply your wonderful talent to it! biggrin.png Thank you, Daylight! hug.gif

One last thing - fictional sneezing is probably my most prominent area of fetish interest, and when I was younger I used to pine away in depression that some of the stuff I or others thought up was not included in my favorite fandoms; but then as I grew older I sort of came to be realistic and accept the fact that most writers and movie makers don't think like we do tonguesmiley.gif

BUT~ this fic of yours just so happens to be a case... where I'm totally ignoring realism XDDD And I'll say right here: THEY SHOULD HAVE GONE THIS DIRECTION in the anime!!!!!!!! blowup.gif LOL! >:3 The episode's a filler intro ep anyway!! So why did they bother hinting at it when they weren't going to do anything with it later...? hahaha what I wouldn't give to have had this be canon - Shinichiro Miki or Travis Willingham, I would be rendered fangirl-dead over either one. aaevil.gif

heeheehee happy.png So all that to say... this will officially forever be a part of my head canon. ^^

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