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Leonardo DiCaprio


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OMG WOW~.. That clip-.. just.. hnnnnnnnnnnngg <3.. please tell me there's more of that in that movie xDD.. It sounded real to me, and since it was deleted, maybe it WAS real~


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Such a lovely find..! <3 wub.png

please tell me there's more of that in that movie xDD..

Oh, there is. Just one more, but..but..blowup.gif

ALSO, editing to add this point:

If you notice at the beginning, Leo isn't moving: Usually when filming, the director calls Action, you wait a few seconds before beginning to act. So it's possible that he assumed the sneeze would be cut out of the movie, since he started acting (running forwards) afterwards. But because they left one sneeze in before, it's possible they left this one in on purpose...and then realized they didn't need the scene after all?

Again, :boom:

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Oh, there is. Just one more, but..but..Posted Image

There is another!?! Where can I find it!!!? Because that...was... GUHH! drool.gif

Amazing find! Thank you so much for sharing it with us! Ohhhh Leo. wub.png

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I haven't actually seen the movie. Does anyone know why his character sneezes in the first place? I read something here a while ago about Leonado DiCaprio sneezing in the Beach after he was wet the night before? Gosh I'm going to turn into a stalker. blink.png:D

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Ok I'm there. My name is g123 and I'm a stalker. I'm into crying too and Leonardo DiCaprio gives the most amazing sniff in Romeo and Juliet. Go to 3:26

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Ugh, I've been waiting SO long for this day... and sadly, the build up later did more for me than the actual sneeze glare.gif

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