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Loki request.


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So I recently saw the Avengers and loved it, and I may have a massive crush on Loki...

I would love you forever if anyone would consider writing a fic?

He's such a cutie :)

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OOOoooh!!! Loki!!! XD Seconded biggrin.png Actually, I contemplated writing one myself last year, but never got around to it... who knows, maybe once I see Avengers I'll be sufficiently inspired!! happy.png

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I'm actually going to start one :) I'm just trying to think of a good plot! Anything in particular you want?

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Holy crap, Loki. When he first shows up and he's so pale with those marvelous gray-brown circles under his eyes. Hnnnnnnnggg. Seriously like the most beautiful man I've ever seen. I think I gasped audibly in the theatre every time a new scene with him started up.

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Just saw the Avengers today. My brain cannot even process how much I love that man.

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I have now seen The Avengers twice, and my boyfriend says he'll take me to see it a third time! He's very jealous of Loki and Tom Hiddleston though, haha. Has anyone here run into the same problem as me, where NO ONE can see my point of view on Loki? It's infuriating!

So anyways, in my fic, is there anything that ANY of you would like to see? If you haven't seen it, the title is Delusional.

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OMIGOODNESS. I know exaaactly what you mean about people's opinions of Loki!!! lol... I haven't gotten to see Avengers yet *cries* (but i get to see it Wednesday! ^^) but after I saw Thor I fell in love with Loki... and my family's like "whaaat he's EVIL and blah blah blah how can you LIKE him?!" which always makes me mad... lolol sleep.png

I know he's evil. But that just makes him that much more AWESOME. XDDD

(and Tom Hiddleston.... OMFREAKINGGOSH wub.png haha even his VOICE just positively kills me happy.png Every time I see an Avengers trailer.... hypnonew.gif )

I've totally read (and DROOLED xD) over your fic several times already, just hadn't gotten around to posting on it yet... you write Loki SO VERY well :3

I probably can't make any good suggestions until I've seen the movie, lol smile.png but basically speaking, I think it would be epic if he tries to completely ignore the fact that he's sick, and attempt to maintain his badass evil persona XD (despite the fact that it's very difficult to do so when ill X) ) Oh! and let him sneeze more!! innocent.gif

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