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Post-Dinner Conversation


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The other day, my friends IM and HS were walking back to our dorm from the dining hall after dinner. At dinner that evening, I noticed IM's eyes were really puffy and pink, and I asked if he was okay, to which he responded he had bad allergies (which shut me up xD). On the way out, though, he sneezed really harshly and loudly into the air. My friend HS blessed him, and at the same time she poked me in the side (which she does sometimes), and I squeaked.

IM looked at me and laughed, "What the hell? Was that a sneeze?"

I was like, "Um, no.." and HS explained that she poked me.

He said, "Well, that's good, you know, if that was your sneeze, we couldn't be friends." When I was like "What??", he joked, "Did you HEAR how loud my sneeze was? I just couldn't be friends with someone whose sneeze is so tiny!" Then he sniffed and said, "My mom has horrible allergies, and my dad's sneeze is really loud. I was 'lucky' and got both of those qualities." HS agreed and said her dad was the same way. Then I mentioned the sky was beautiful that day and changed subject. That was enough on-topic conversation for that day - a little uncomfortable, but also kinda funny. xD

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