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Maggie's Mystery Allergy


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Hey ya'll! This is just a little Maggie/Eli one-shot. It takes place during their marriage; Maggie has been incredibly sneezy lately, and she and Eli just can't figure out why! Enjoy :)


Maggie's Mystery Allergy

Ahhh...achiiiew! Achiew! ‘Tchiew!”

“Bless you! Are you sure you aren’t sick?”

Maggie blew her red, twitching nose for what must have been the hundredth time in the past hour, “I’b positive! There’s dothing else wrogg with be, I’b jusd really sneehhh...hehhh...het’kchiew! ‘Kchiew! Heh...HETCHIIEEW! Sdeezy add codgested.”

Eli frowned, “Could it be allergies?”

Maggie shook her head, “But I’b not allergic to adythigg we have here. Jusdt cadts, add we dod’t owd ode.”

“Well,” Eli said slowly, “Sometimes people develop allergies in adulthood, don’t they? I had a cousin who was never allergic to nuts, then one day—he ate a peanut butter sandwich and went into shock. He was around twenty, I think. It happens.”

Maggie rubbed fiercely at her nose, “Well, whadever it is—I hope it goes awahhh...hah...hhhh...hatchiew! Ha’tchiew! ACHIIEEW! Goes away sood.”

“You should go to the doctor.”

“I dod’t have tibe! I’b id rehearsal all day, add by the tibe we’re dode I’b too exhausted to go adywhere or do adythigg. Besides, I’b fide as sood as I leave the house. Id’s jusd whed I’b id here that I turd idto this sniffling, sdneehhh...ha’ishoo! Ishoo! ISHOO! Sdneezigg bess.

Maggie slumped down into a kitchen chair and buried her head in her arms. “I cad’t go odd like this adymore, Eli!” she whimpered, “I’ve barely slept all week. I cad’t breathe, I cad’t sahhh...HARISHOO! HISHOO! ISHOO! Say ted words without sdneezigg udcodtrollably—by owd body is turdigg agaidst be!”

Eli massaged Maggie’s shoulders, “How long ago did this start?”

Maggie pulled another tissue out of the box on the table—it was one of many they’d stocked up on since the sneezing had started—and blew her nose hard before she answered, “Aroudd...Bonday, I thidk. I cabe hobe frob rehearsal, and I was fide. I got really sniffly about ad hour after I got hobe, and by Tuesday bordigg—it had turded idto this.”

“So...this would be day five,” Eli mused, “It’s just...I don’t understand it. We haven’t gotten any pets and we just dusted over the weekend...nothing’s different.”

“You’re preachigg to the choir here, Eli,” Maggie sighed.

Eli kissed the crown of Maggie’s head, “We’ll figure out what’s making you so miserable, I promise.”

Maggie tried to answer, but another set of ticklish sneezes was welling up in her nose. Her breath hitched and her eyes fluttered in anticipation, but they didn’t come. She hesitantly took the tissues away from her face and set them down on the table.

Typically, the moment she did that, the tickle came back again full force—leaving her with no choice but to turn away and cover her sneezes the best she could, “Hah...ahh...atchiew! Achiiiew! Chiew! K’tchiew! AHHCHIEEW!”

Maggie pressed her rapidly running nose to the back of her hand and sniffed miserably. “God, I’b so sorry,” she said, “Thad was disgustigg.”

“Not your fault,” Eli said, handing Maggie some tissues, “Do you want nose spray?”

“Oh, God do,” Maggie said emphatically, “I’b already sdneezigg enough as it is add thad always bakes the sdneezingg eved worse—by dose bight explode.”

Maggie blew her nose. While it was still twitchy and irritated, it seemed to have calmed down for the moment. Though, she knew there were umpteen more sneezes at bay—just waiting for the perfect moment to sneak up on her.

Her eyes were watering, too, and she wiped them roughly on her tissue. Eli looked at her sympathetically, “You look so miserable.”

Maggie rolled her eyes, “Really?” she said dryly, “Because I feel absolutely fadtastic.”

“Mom? Dad?”

Maggie and Eli’s oldest daughter—Hazel, age eight—was standing in the kitchen doorway.

“Hey, buddy,” Eli said, “What’s up?”

“Olivia and I have something we need to tell you.”

Olivia was Maggie and Eli’s other daughter—she was four. She poked her head around the doorway, and smiled—a little sheepishly—at Eli.

“Whad’s wrogg, you guys?” Maggie asked tiredly.

“Um, well,” Hazel looked at Olivia, who shrugged her shoulders, “We’ve sort of...been keeping something from you all week.”

Eli raised his eyebrows, “Oh, you have, have you?”


“Bless you, Mommy,” Olivia said officiously, having recently been introduced to that particular social convention.

“Thagg-you, hodey,” Maggie sniffled, “Dow, whad have you two beed keepigg frob Daddy and be?”

Olivia looked to Hazel expectantly, who sighed and said, “Wait here.”

Maggie and Eli looked at each other—perplexed. Well, at least Eli was perplexed. Maggie was too stuffy and groggy to be truly concerned.

“I wonder what they’re hiding?” Eli mused.

Maggie shrugged, “I have do idea. I’b willigg to bet id’s probably dothigg ibportadt, though.”

When Hazel walked back into the room—with Olivia following close behind—she had some sort of squirming bundle wrapped up in her shirt.

“Hazel?” Maggie said slowly, “Whad is that?”

Hazel looked guiltily from Maggie to Eli, “A kitten,” she admitted.

She pulled it out from the folds of her tee shirt, and then held it up under Maggie’s face for her to see—directly under her nose, in fact.

Maggie’s pink, sensitive nose began to twitch as soon as Hazel held the kitten near it. For a brief moment, she was certain the tickle was only going to lead to another false start. “Hahhh...Hazel,” she gasped, but she didn’t have time to finish.

All her breath welled up in her chest. The tickle that had been teasing her nose all day blossomed into an intense, uncontrollable itch. Maggie rubbed ferociously at her nose, but she knew it wasn’t going to do any good. A sneezing fit was inevitable—possibly the worst one she’d ever had.

aaaaAAAAAEEEHCCCCHHHHIIEEEEEWWWWW!!!!! Hchshshsh!!!! Ahtktoo! iiiIIISSSHHH!!! IISHHHHOOO!!!!! Hchoo!! Eschiew!!!! Chiew!!! Hishoo! Ishoo! E’tchiew! Ha-ha-ha-IGGSSHH!!!”

“God bless you!” Eli exclaimed as he handed Maggie a handful of tissues.

Eli turned to Hazel and Olivia as Maggie was blowing her nose, “Guys, get the kitten out of here. Go to your rooms. I’ll come and talk to you in a second.”

Hazel and Olivia slunk out of the room. Maggie looked at Eli, “Bystery sohhhh...hahhh...atishoo! Solved.”

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i love people who are allergic to cats but at the same time it would be so terrible!

I love my cats. and maggie and eli, of course :-)

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Love it - especially the build up to the amazing fit at the end! Hope we will see more of Maggie and Eli soon?? :)

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Great story! You did a great job of spelling out her sneezes and, I can just HEAR the stuffiness in her voice...YUM!

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if you're still on the forum, I would love more Maggie and Eli stories. I've read all of them and I'm really interested in their relationship before they get married. 

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