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Friend with allergies/cold (F)


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I've been working on a play this past week and I've been treated to some very yummy little obs throughout the week. There's one that sticks in my mind though...

We were in the middle of a rehearsal run of the show and my friend came to sit next to me in the audience. She's medium height, auburn hair, thin, with beautiful full lips. When she sat down, she sniffled wetly and rubbed at her nose. She said, "Ugh, my allergies are driving me nuts." I was no longer interested in the play! ;-P

We sat together, with her sniffling every few seconds and rubbing her nose. The sniffles kept getting wetter until she finally said "I need a tissue", and got up to sneak off to get her purse. She returned with a pocket pack of tissues and dabbed her nose a bit before giving two small, quiet blows that were very wet-sounding. No honks here, since we were watching the show!

Later downstairs in the dressing rooms, she blew her nose some more, wetter and very productive sounding. The next day when I came in, she was blowing her nose again and said "I think I might be getting a cold", which she completed by sniffling some more.

So lovely!

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very productive sounding

Ha! I first read this as very provocative sounding. Thanks for the obs. Isn't it fun when someone's allergies are driving them nuts? :P

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