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So, I'm a sophmore in University. I met a cute boy in one of my classes about a month and a half ago.

Since everyone else adds a description, about 5'10", pretty broad. Dark-ish brown hair, really amazing hazel eyes. His nose is average, honestly. It's a really good nose. There's not really a prominent tip, I guess it points down the tiniest bit at the end, it's not that big, but it's a decent size.

The first day I noticed him, we were sitting in a lecture, the hall is set up like rows of long tables. He was in my row, two empty seats between us.

About halfway through the lecture, I was startled by really, just a loud "CHOOOOO!" no buildup (at least audibly), one syllable. Not even a "huh-" or "ahh-." And when I say loud, I mean LOUD. No one blessed him, he didn't say excuse me, but there was that awkward tension in the air when everyone recognizes it and pauses for a minute but doesn't acknowledge it. I waited a few seconds and glanced over at him (noticing he was semi-attractive), he looked almost embarrassed about it, and kept sniffing throughout that part of the lecture. We are dismissed for a coffee break, and he gets up and leaves. I like to imagine it's because he had allergies and didn't want them acting up in class. smile.png

Later that day, we had a workshop for the same class, and he and I are in the same one... he chatted me up and got my number wubsmiley.gif

Fast forward to lecture about three weeks later-- he gets to class before me, saves me a seat next to him. I made a snarky remark (how charming, I know.) We had a paper due, and when I go up to the front to hand mine in, he is sitting in the seat he was in the first time! he facebook messages me "I moved because you didn't want to sit with me, loser." and I said "I never said that! I hate you right now."

I meant to look over at him as I said that, and I curse myself everyday for it. Next thing I know, there's that same, loud sneeze, this time with two syllables. "ahh-CHOO!" A soft, barely audible start, and very similar loud release. But then, there was a second one! This one was different, definitely muffled, and more like a "hurrschoo." Out of the corner of my eye I see him leaning waaay over, towards me, as to not sneeze on the girl he had moved next to. She didn't say anything, neither did he, again, but I facebook message him and say "I'd say bless you but I hate you too much" and he said "shut up sadsmiley.gif" (i'm an avid blesser.)

Later on, during our exam, he sat next to me. I was spending more time focused on his nose than on my exam, praying the entire time that even just a littttle single would slip out. He was rubbing his nose quite a bit and was pretty sniffly, but alas, nothing sadsmiley.gif

Finally, fast forward to a couple weeks after THAT. I'm staying in the city my school's in for the summer, he's going home. He asked me to come over quite a few times, and finally, the night before he left, I decided to smile.png Since he seems somewhat sneezy, I was hoping I'd get a sneeze out of him. I get to his house, we start doing...some things. We start spooning, and I'm wishing that my sneeze fantasy (sneeze from the big spoon into the shoulder/back of the little spoon) will come true... and it doesn't sadsmiley.gif but about 20 mins later, he's on his stomach and I'm rubbing/scratching his back, for whatever reason i pull my hand away and HATE myself for it moments later. In the middle of a sentence, he sneezes a 'huh-choo!' Much quieter than the other ones I've seen from him. He picks up the thought where he left off. It was so strange. No build up, his voice didn't shake. Nothing. Just "blah blah blah huh-choo blah blah blah" I give him an enthusiastic "Bless you!" (maybe a little too enthusiastic) but he either didn't hear or chose not to respond. Obviously, I put my hand on his back right away in case there was a second (or third or fourth) lagging behind, but there wasn't. sadsmiley.gif

I don't know where he and I stand right now, but here's to hoping things work out, and here's to hoping he's got summer allergies. wink.png

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How fun! I wish you luck and much more sneeziness. :) Thanks for sharing! Hope everything works out for you two.

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How fun! I wish you luck and much more sneeziness. smile.png Thanks for sharing! Hope everything works out for you two.

Hope the summer goes well!

Thanks girls :) if it goes well there will be many more obvs for you ;)

I want to meet this guy! I hope more obs are in your future...

I must say, I'm quite lucky to know him ;) I'm hoping the same thing!

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